Future Links April 8th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature the power of an integrated marketing mix, an inkjet printer that can diagnose bacterial contamination, EU regulation compliant food labels, the first products 3D printed in space, HP and Knewton’s collaboration on personalized learning materials, L’Oreal’s partnership with Organovo and a crowdfunding campaign to save Paperlinx’s jobs.

Combining print and online campaigns adds punch and power
In many companies, print and online strategies are still considered separate areas. To be truly successful, it is time to put the pieces together and harness the power of print as an important part of the marketing mix.
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Office inkjet printer can simplify diagnosis
Researchers at McMaster University have developed a new way to print paper biosensors, simplifying the diagnosis of many bacterial and respiratory infections. The new way of identifying contamination with bacteria or an actual infection is especially useful in environments where a quick diagnosis is vital to start treatment as soon as possible.
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Printing labels that are compliant with EU regulations
Many people around the world suffer from food allergies or intolerances. Eating food with the wrong ingredients can be dangerous and even life threatening. The new EU regulation specifies how allergen information has to be displayed on food packaging and label printers have specialized in fulfilling these requirements.
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NASA unveils first parts printed in space
3D printing in space has been a vision for a long time. The Silicon Valley company Made in Space has followed this vision with unrivaled enthusiasm and has succeeded. NASA has just unveiled the first 21 instruments that were printed in space.
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HP and Knewton partner for personalized textbooks
In recent surveys, students of all ages have expressed their preference for printed learning materials at least for some subject matters. Knewton and HP are collaborating on a personalized learning solution that allows teachers to print out custom-made worksheets and textbooks for individual students or groups based on their knowledge and performance.
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L’Oreal and Organovo develop printed human skin
The bioprinting company Organovo announced a research collaboration agreement with L’Oreal Skincare USA. As a part of this agreement, both firms will contribute significant technology to this collaborative work. Organovo will provide their NovoGen Bioprinter and L’Oréal their skin cell technology.
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Crowdfunding campaign tries to save Paperlinx jobs
After Paperlinx had to initiate bankruptcy procedures, it looked like many jobs across Great Britain and other European countries would be lost. An employee now started a crowdfunding campaign to keep at least parts of the business going and save some of the jobs.
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