Future Links August 12th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers a study showing safer ways to print with nano-materials, Wacker Chemie’s foray into silicon 3D printing, International Minute Press’ support for the Susan G. Komen foundation, how to transition to web-to-print services, Made in Space’s partnership with NanoRacks, a Red Dot Award for innovative salt packaging and new printhead cleaners.

Study points to safety concerns in nano-printing
A variety of toners for laser printers are using nano-materials to enhance product characteristics but the new technology is raising safety concerns. The tiny particles are able to reach deep into the lungs when inhaled, potentially causing respiratory and cardiovascular damage. A new study shows safety measures that can be taken to minimize the risks.
More at Harvard

Wacker Chemie unveils new 3D printing technology
Germany’s Wacker Chemie is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of silicone for a wide variety of applications. Now, the company has developed a groundbreaking new process for 3D printing with silicone. While injection moulding is expected to remain the dominant process for mass production, the new silicon printing method could be highly useful in the development of models and prototypes.
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International Minute Press supports Susan G. Komen foundation
The Susan G. Komen foundation is one of the largest foundations aiming at fighting breast cancer and supporting health-related causes. International Minute Press of Pineville & Uptown Charlotte is sponsoring the Charlotte Susan G. Komen branch with in-kind donations of custom print products as well as professional marketing services.
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How to transition to web-to-print services
Transitioning to web-to-print services presents a challenge for most printing businesses. Some printers have multiple web-to-print solutions spread across various customers, some integrated, and some isolated. An article on What They Think? highlights best practices and shows how to transition to web-to-print services from legacy systems and how to avoid creating additional problems by doing so.
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Made in Space partners with NanoRacks to print satellites
The Silicon Valley start-up Made in Space has just made two big announcements that will bring the company closer to its goal of in-space manufacturing. The company managed to print in a vacuum and has announced a partnership with NanoRacks, a commercial provider of low-earth orbit services, to 3D print satellites on-demand from the International Space Station or any other CubeSat deployment platform.
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Innovative packaging wins Red Dot Award
An innovative packaging solution for salt that turns into a table lamp won a Red Dot Award in the category “sustainable packaging”. The packaging was developed by the Marketing Department of IST METZ and printed on the in-house printing press by means of UV technology.
More at Packaging Europe

New printhead cleaners promise to extend life
The Canadian company Digital Sign Technologies is releasing three new upgrades to its Print Head Doctor line of printhead cleaners. The Printhead Doctor line works with most industrial printers, according to the company, and can extend the life of printheads up to three times.
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