Future Links August 1st 2014

Today our daily news collection from the printing industry features MakerBot’s expansion in Europe, Epson doubling inkjet printers, advice on how to finance growth plans, thoughts on when to consider adding inkjet, another successful Canon lawsuit, a webinar on 3D printing, a free report on industrial print, German polymer powder for printing, a new paper mill in the UK, 3D Systems financial results and a video on the challenge to the printing community.

MakerBot expands in Europe
Makerbot is opening a MakerBot Europe office in Germany. As part of this action, the company acquires  assets of its Germany-based partner, Hafner’s Büro.
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Epson to double inkjet printers
Epson UK has announced plans to launch more than 10 new inkjet printers for a range of professional print applications over the next 18 months. The company wants to continue the rate of new product launches and offer over 33 professional production printers by 2016.
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How to finance growth plans
Credit is the lifeblood of the printing industry as new machinery costs hundreds of thousands. However, it has become difficult for printers to raise finance. This article gives advice on how to implement your growths plans nevertheless.
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Consider adding inkjet
In this blog post, Elizabeth Gooding from Print Media Centr shares her view on digital printing and its relevance as an important driver in the growth of digital pages.
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Another successful Canon lawsuit
This month, Canon had already successfully concluded a patent infringement lawsuit against Nectron International. Now they won another one against Green Project, concerning toner cartridges and photosensitive drum units sold for use in Canon and Hewlett-Packard laser beam printers.
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Webinar on 3D printing
IDTech is hosting a free webinar on the future of 3D printing markets and technologies. It will take place on 14th August at 9:30 am BST/WEST.
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Free report on industrial print
The InPrint Show conducted research to 350 visitor’s and exhibitors onsite in Hannover. You can order a free 24 page report on InPrint and an analysis of the forming market and community of industrial print technology via e-mail.
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German polymer powder for printing
The science behind the materials for the 3D printing process is almost as important as the actual machines, which do the printing. The German company Diamond Plastics has introduced a new laser sintering plastic powder. Unlike other products, it is resistant to many common solvents, can easily be reused after a print and is 100 % recyclable.
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New paper mill in the UK
British tissue converter Accrol Papers plans to build its own paper mill in Blackburn. The company has revealed a 66m £ deal with private equity firm NorthEdge Capital to locate the paper mill as close as possible to its current facilities.
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3D Systems financial results
3D Systems Corporation has reported its second quarter and six months 2014 financial results. For example, its revenue grew 30.7m $ or 25 % from the prior year to 151.5m $ on strong demand for its design and manufacturing printers.
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Video on the challenge to the printing community
Russell Viers, speaker and trainer for the print industry, talks to What They Think about his challenge for the printing community. He thinks that it is time to take the opportunity to take the lead in helping designers and creatives move to multi-channel and adopt an RGB workflow.
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