Future Links August 25th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature coffee-based filament, 3D printed wind turbines, a forecast predicting a booming 3D printing market, UPM Raflatac’s environmental commitment, a debate about price versus value in print buying and PG Paper’s acquisition of the Trucard and Gemini brands.

Coffee-based filament for environmentally friendly 3D prints
Recently, we brought you a story about coffee ink for t-shirts, posters and other printed matter. 3Dom USA, in partnership with bio-composite company, is taking the concept a step further. They are making a filament named Wound Up that uses coffee waste byproducts such as coffee bean hulls. Wound Up is designed to work for any printer that uses regular PLA filament.
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3D printed wind turbines bring power to remote areas
RMRD Tech, a start-up based in Canada, is building portable, micro wind turbines, made of 3-D printed parts for use in remote communities. RMRD recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to travel to Nicaragua with two 3D printers and an off-grid battery bank, bringing much-needed power to rural areas. Each micro wind turbine, utilizing 3-D printed components, is designed to produce clean 5 Volt USB power.
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Global 3D printing market is expected to reach 17.2 billion USD by 2020
Analysts expect the 3D printing market to grow rapidly in the next few years. In a new report titled ‘3D Printing: A Manufacturing Revolution’, A.T. Kearney outlines its expectation for the global 3D printing industry and how the technology is going to affect nearly every industry. The analysts expect the 3D printing market to grow from currently 4.5 billion UDS to 17.2 billion USD by 2020.
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UPM Raflatac plant in France commits to environmental goals
Showing a strong commitment to its environmental goals, a UPM Raflatac plant in Nancy, France, achieved ISO 50001 certification. ISO 50001 is an energy management system for continuous improvement in energy efficiency, and in consequence energy costs and environmental impacts. UPM Raflatac’s Nancy plant had improved its energy efficiency by seven percent in 2013 and eight percent in 2014.
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What matters more: price or value?
In a new round of Print Media Centr’s blog duels UK vs. USA, Deborah Corn and Matthew Parker debate what is more important in print buying, price or value. The blog posts provide tips and insights on how to provide better value to customers and how to distinguish between value and price.
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Tullis Russell Trucard and Gemini sold to PG Paper
After 206 years in business, Tullis Russell Papermakers went into administration in April. The company was part of the Tullis Russell Group. KPMG now found a buyer for the Trucard and Gemini brands. PG Paper is said to have acquired the two brands for a substantial sum.
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