Future Links August 31st 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a forecast about the digital packaging and label printing market, a high-resolution resin printer entering mass production, a short profile about 3D printing’s inventor, a flexible electronics institute launched by the U.S. Department of Defense, private equity’s interest in mergers and acquisitions in the packaging industry and Siemens’ venture capital investment in a 3D printing firm.

Digital packaging and label printing market reaches 10.5 billion USD
The market for digital packaging and label printing is expanding. According to a recent study, it is currently valued at 10.5 billion USD. The ‘Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2020’ global report has a special section on the United Arab Emirates (UAE), showing that that the UAE commands over 600 million A4 prints of the digital packaging and label printing industry, which is estimated to be worth 59$ million this year.
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High-resolution 3D resin printer enters mass production
The iBox Nano 3D Printer is a resin printer that utilizes UVLCD (Ultra-Violet Liquid Crystal Display) as a core technology. It employs UV gating LCDs and high power UV LEDs to cure UV sensitive resin. The printer is suited for creating toys, jewelry, crafts and gifts and is now produced in large numbers for the home market.
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A short profile highlights 3D printing inventor’s accomplishments
In March 1983, Chuck Hull finally accomplished what he had been trying to do for months: He printed a small, black plastic cup using photopolymers, acrylic-based liquids, that solidified under ultraviolet light. Hull took out a series of patents on his invention and went on to co-found 3D Systems, a company that remains a leader in the field.
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U.S. Department of Defense launches flexible electronics institute
The U.S. government is in the process of establishing a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation across the country.  Recently, a new institute was formed, this time, dedicated to flexible electronics. The Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) for Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE MII) was created in partnership with more than 100 companies, including well-known Silicon Valley firms such as Apple and HP.
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Private equity sees opportunities in the packaging industry
Private equity firms share their optimistic outlook on the packaging industry. Mergers and acquisitions, such as the most recent deal between Ampac and Prolamina, fuel the interest of private equity firms. Industry experts expect that the cash flow of packaging companies is going to remain stable for the rest of 2015.
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Siemens Venture Capital invests in Materials Solutions
More and more manufacturing and engineering companies are seriously interested in 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. Siemens is among them. UK-based Materials Solutions Limited, a 3D printing company specializing in printing metals for the aerospace and auto industries, has announced it has secured a strategic investment from the Venture Capital Unit of Siemens (SVC).
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