Future Links August 4th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the FDA approval for the first 3D printed medicine, Epson’s ink supertanks, RepRap’s new carbon-fiber enriched filament, a partnership between Sculpteo and HP, an award for Heidelberg’s multi-channel printing solution and SIPA’s unique 3D printed bottle.

FDA approves first drug made with 3D printing technology
Researchers have achieved significant breakthroughs in producing 3D printed pills recently. And now, the first pills are likely to be brought to market. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved its first drug manufactured using 3D printing, Aprecia’s epilepsy-fighting Spritam.
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Epson launches ink supertanks
It is one annoyance that almost everybody had to deal with at one point or another: Needing to print an important document and realizing the ink has just run out. Epson is trying to minimize the occurrences and has launched its Ecotank brand consisting of five new all-in-one color printers featuring large ink reservoirs – what Epson defines as the Supertank category – that come loaded and ready for up to two years of prints without replacing the ink.
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RepRap introduces new carbon 3D printing filament
The German 3D printer manufacturer RepRap has rolled out a new filament. The new Carbon20 printer filament is made from 20 % carbon fiber and can be used for rigid functional prototypes. The filament is well suited for the automotive industry and for mold construction.
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Sculpteo and HP partner to facilitate 3D printing for designers
Sculpteo announced a new partnership with HP that will see HP’s latest designer-oriented computer, the Sprout, plugged in with Sculpteo to enable designers to easily 3D print their designs.
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Heidelberg’s multi-channel printing solution wins award
Printing Industries of America honored the multi-channel publishing solution of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG with one of this year’s InterTech Technology Awards. The Prinect Media Manager is a media publishing system that can be used to publish the same information in various media channels. Media-neutral image, text, and video data is stored in a database and output for print and online media.
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SIPA pioneers 3D printed packaging
The potential of 3D printing technology for the packaging industry appears to be vast. One company, SIPA, a division of Zoppas Industries based in northeast Italy in Vittorio Veneto, has been at the forefront of this movement. Starting in 2012, SIPA has looked for a printer that is able to print bottles. The efforts have been successful: SIPA has just introduced its first 3D printed elephant bottle.
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