Future Links August 5th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Autodesk’s new partnership with Microsoft, a 3D printer that combines five colors, improved substrates opening up new opportunities in textile printing, RR Donnelley’s plan to create three businesses, a digital watermark with UPC data and rapid growth in the market for flexible food packaging.

Autodesk partners with Microsoft
Autodesk has undertaken several steps to ensure a strong position in the 3D printing market. Now, the company has teamed up with software giant Microsoft to streamline the 3D printing experience within the new Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 comes with Autodesk’s Spark 3D printing platform to allow users to print directly from Windows 10.
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3D printer combines five materials and colors
Massive advances have been made in 3D printing, but producing high quality prints in multiple colors remains a challenge. An industrial designer in the Netherland has now developed a Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing process that is able to combine five materials and colors.
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Improved substrates and inks fuel growth in textile printing
The soft signage and garment segments have shown strong growth in the digital textile printing market. Thanks to improved inks, substrates and printing processes, the momentum remains strong. This articles looks at how different developments work together to create new opportunities in textile printing.
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RR Donnelley plans to create three separate businesses
The 150 year old printing powerhouse RR Donnelley and Sons announced that it plans to create three independent, publicly traded companies: one business focused on financial communications and data services; one business focused on publishing and retail-centric print services; and one business focused on customized multichannel communications management. The split is intended to unlock the value of each business.
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Digimark offers digital watermarks with encoded UPC data
Long lines at the checkout counter are common annoyances. Digimark has developed digital watermarks with encoded UPC data that can be scanned with both mobile devices to connect the consumer to additional content and with a UPC scanner. The watermarks are designed to speed up the checkout process. Digimarc’s Barcode requires no special inks and no special printing process.
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Flexible food packaging to reach 800 billion units by 2018
The market for flexible food packing like pouches and packaging for on-the-go snack is growing rapidly. According to market researchers, it will reach close to 800 billion units by 2018 and is set to expand its share in the food packaging market, reaching 53.1% in the next three years.
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