Future Links August 6th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the latest report by 3D Hubs, how investing in digital printers helped a business evolve, the challenges in printing microstructures, a podcast about waxes in inks and coatings, how packaging can contribute to product success, International Paper’s new carton board and Saxoprint’s environmental milestone.

3D Hubs issues new report
With 20,000 3D printers installed all over the world, the Dutch company 3D Hubs virtually has a bird’s eye view on the industry. The report contains some interesting statistics: While it took the company 21 months to reach the 10,000 printer milestone, it took just 6 months to go from 10,000 to 20,000, showing the staggering growth that not only 3D Hubs is experiencing, but the 3D printing space is in general.
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New digital printer helps business evolve
A design and print company saw its orders increase by 40 percent after investing in new digital equipment. The increase in orders is in part due to a new service it has launched, offering to print books in small numbers for customers writing their own books, based on pastimes, research, family trees, history or on their own personal passions.
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Not all 3D printers are suited for microstructures
The New York City-based designer Qingnan Zhou is dedicated to pushing the boundaries on what is possible in 3D printing today. His special interest are microstructures and his newest project involved testing a variety of 3D printers to see whether they can fulfill the complex production requirements for microstructures.
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Podcast highlights the role of waxes in inks and coatings
In a podcast on Ink World Magazine, Joon Choo VP of Shamrock Technologies, discusses the history the company and the role of waxes in inks and coatings. This is the first in a two part podcast series.
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How packaging can contribute to new product success
Packaging Digest has listed 5 tips that highlight how packaging can contribute to the success of new products. The recommendations include creating a visual connection between the product, the packaging and the brand message and using minimizing techniques for a stronger impression.
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International Paper introduces its new light carton board
International Paper is launching its new lightweight carton boards under the names Alaska Plus and Arktika. The boards are designed for pharmaceutical, healthcare and beauty packaging, as well as chocolate and dry-food applications.
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Saxoprint reduces carbon emissions significantly
Online printing company Saxoprint has reached an important environmental milestone by reducing its carbon dioxide emission by 14.6 percent. To reach this goal, the company implemented several measures, including using waste heat from machines to heat the production building and standardizing packaging.
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