Future Links CW 16: Packaging Edition

Our future links deal with packaging this week featuring the new packaging of Red Vines, the new inspection system at Fruit Gourmet, the eco-friendly packaging in the beauty sector and information on how Parkside won the Global Innovation Award and how the consumer trends affect the future packaging.


American Licorice Packaging for Red Vines Comes With Spear Seal Technology

Intending to provide a practical re-sealable package to keep their Red Vine candy fresh and delicious, American Licorice chose Constantia Flexibles’ Spear Seal technology. It uses a high-fiber tear paper for tamper evidence. Since late 2016 the new re-sealable version of the 16-ounce package is available. Now, they launched 24-ounce and 32-ounce Family Mix packs.

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The Winner of the Global Innovation Award for Compostable Pack is Parkside

Next Step Food Ltd. wanted the packaging of their Yumpa product to support its natural benefits. This is why they worked together with packaging provider Parkside. During their cooperation they created a compostable pack made from powdered cricket flour for an energy bar. For this development Parkside won the Global Innovation Award. With this Parkside has outpaced 265 entries.

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Fruit Gourmet Installs an Ishida X-Ray Inspection System

In order to improve their quality control process, Fruit Gourmet recently bought an Ishida IX-GA-2475 X-ray model, which inspects the bulk streams of fruit pieces. The highly sensitive Ishida X-ray is able to find the smallest contaminants. Thanks to its design, the IX-GA’s practically eliminates areas in which product remains. Since 2014, Fruit Gourmet works already with an Ishida X-Ray in their packaging line for bagged products with target weights of 50 to 500g.

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Tomorrow’s Packaging Inspired by Today’s Consumer Trends

Dispensing closures are an important element for brands to stand out from competitors. After all, they can make products safer and more convenient. Overall, these are the two properties being the most important drivers for packaging innovation. Other key trends that affect consumer demands are: changes in demographics, health and wellness as well as urbanization. Continue reading to find out, which impact these developments have on packaging.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging for Beauty Products Booms

Recently, beauty companies are increasingly making their product packaging more sustainable. Often, beauty products have special packaging needs that make it difficult to use eco-friendly materials. But today, consumers care about environment issues more than ever. So, the beauty industry invests more in developing green packaging. Check out the article to find out how this might work.

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