Future Links CW 2: Green Printing Edition

In this week’s future links you gain fresh insights in the printing industry and its environmental potential with 3DRap’s biodegradable desktop 3D printer, Solidus Solutions’ tomato fibre-enriched solid board, Ricoh’s new digital color production printer series and Domino Printing Sciences’ environmental credentials.

3DRap Launches a Biodegradable Desktop 3D Printer

3DRap is currently working on an affordable desktop 3D printer, which is capable of biodegrading within a short period compared to other technical devices. The Italian start-up’s invention is made almost entirely out of eco-friendly bioplastic, which consists of plant by-products and agricultural waste. Since the 3D printer “Poly” is still in its prototyping stage, the digital laboratory announced to start a crowdfunding campaign in order to finance the further development.

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Solidus Solutions’ Tomato Fibre-Enriched Solid Board Achieves Breakthrough in Canada and France

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, Solidus Solutions has developed a solid board based on plant rest streams. Aiming to mainly use valuable and recyclable raw materials, the manufacturer of solid board and solid board packaging decided to enrich the solid board with tomato fibres. The first Canadian company to sell its tomatoes in packaging made out of their own plant fibres, is Pure Hothouse Foods, a grower, shipper and marketer of greenhouse grown vegetables. Additionally, Solidus Solutions packaging is used by Idyl, a French company mainly growing tomatoes and melons, Mediterranean fruits and vegetables as well as fresh cut herbs.

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RICOH Pro C5200s Series With Smart Operation Panel Boasting Eco-Friendly Features

Ricoh just introduced a new digital color production printer series to help reducing print costs for its customers. The RICOH Pro C5200s series delivers versatility and power at affordable prices and requires less space. In order to facilitate the flow of information between Ricoh’s new series, third-party software and other devices, the Smart Operation Panel can be bought as an optional extra. This technology also provides robust user authentication and information management options as well as eco-friendly features.

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TTO Systems Help Domino Printing Sciences Establishing Environmental Credentials

Thanks to the innovative design of its V120i and V230i thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) systems, Domino Printing Sciences was able to establish its environmental credentials. These units use stepper motors to operate and to control the printhead pressure and movement necessary to deliver consistent high quality print. Therefore the British company could completely cut down its compressed air usage, which can have a major impact on the environment when it comes to emissions output. After all, over 10 percent of electricity consumed by the UK industry is used for compressed air.

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drupa Newsroom’s Green Printing Archives

Be it the environmental potential of 3D printing, eco-friendly technologies such as printed electronics, green packaging solutions or the correct usage of fonts to increase the efficiency of print jobs: On our blog we also examine sustainable issues affecting the printing industry. In our archives, you can browse through interesting articles about approaches, which are made to not only act, but also print green.

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