Future Links CW 20: Printed Technologies Edition

This week’s future links summarize the latest innovations in the field of printed technologies. Learn about new printed electronics, RFID smart labels, flexible printing process, colors that never fade and the circuit production by inkjet printing.

Sun Chemical Expands their Portfolio of Solutions for Printed Electronics

Sun Chemical has recently presented ist latest offerings from ist portfolio printed electronics, printed circuit boards, electroluminescent lighting, smart sensors and electronics manufacturing portfolio.Among the latest additions to ist EMD5800 series ist he EMD5805 nano silver ink, which can be used with industry-leading digital and direct write systems. Furthermore they upgraded their printed electronics solutions of tailor-made conductive inks and pastes for biomedical sensors.

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RRD Introduces CustomWave RFID Solutions Powered by Printed Electronics

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) comes with a new portfolio of RFID smart labels and technology. With their solutions they help businesses to enhance operations and improve efficiency and supply chain management. Thanks to partnerships and their own proprietary printed electronics-based transponders and sensory circuits, RRD is able to deliver custom RFID and IoT solutions that add a fast return on investment.

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CERADROP’s Flexible Printing Solutions for Printed Electronics

One of the fastest growing technologies in the world is the field of printed electronics. CERADROP offers flexible digital printing solutions for printed electronics and smart 3D printing. The MGI Group company is working with partnerships as well as with technical and process support, which enables it to pay special attention to the constant development and improvement focused on its printed electronics sector. This engagement ist he logical consequence oft he fact that the production volumes are going to increase and the devices are getting smaller but more powerful.

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Colors That Never Fade Thanks to Laser-Printed Nanotechnology

Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have developed a sheet of polymer and semiconductor metal able to reflect colors. This is why they never fade when exposed to light. Additionally, this technique makes it possible to print more specific colors. During this process, the images are printed with a laser offering a nano-imprint. Furthermore, the image resolution is so fine, that it allows 100.000 dots per inch. To prepare this printing process for mass production, it is necessary to create the laser technology in a smaller way and find a different material for the layers of sheets.

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New Possibilities for Circuit Production by Inkjet Printing

Researchers from Michigan State University have succeeded in printing the world’s first stretchable integrated circuit with an inkjet printer. Be it the elastic ground material or the circuit itself: All components are printed from electronic inks, consisting of dissolved nanomaterials and organic compounds. The next step will be printing the circuit and the OLED in one step.

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