Future Links CW 22 – Green Printing Edition

Here comes a special edition of our future links featuring the latest news on green printing. Find out all about a book on sustainable printing plants, green printing partnerships, recyclable brand packaging, 3D printing treehouses and the importance of measuring real recycling rates.

icmPrint and IDEP France Released Book on Sustainable Printing Plants

icmPrint and IDEP France have published a book, ‘Lean & Green Sustainable Printing Plants’ that was printed by two of the study participants. Thereby they want to contribute to a more sustainable printing industry regarding energy use, site location, materials transport and physical workflow. Especially automation in the printing industry brings economic and environmental efficiency by reducing waste.

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Sustainable Green Printing Partnership’s Certified Program

In March, the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership highlighted its certified green printing facilities and brand leader program. Their goal is to dramatically improve the sustainability profile of the brands. Therefore they bring together elite retail visual design professionals from leading brands to discuss methods of designing for sustainability. Besides certifying printers, the organization conducts conferences, seminars, academic studies and sharing sessions to help print manufactures and print buyers creating sustainable supply chains.

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How 3D Printing Revolutionizes the Construction Industry

The first of many autonomous 3D-printed treehouses has recently been produced by a five-member consortium of Australian architects, engineers and robot designers. They built a solar-powered 3D printer that uses water, vegetable fibre, and soil to build an experimental eco-village in Massa Lombarda. Their big vision is to replace slums with natural houses, which do not leave waste when they are not used anymore. Lead by the Italy-based 3D printing firm Centro Sviluppo Progetti, the initiative focuses on using materials from the immediate area.

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Co-op Promises to Make Their Own-Brand Packaging Recyclable

The superkarket Co-op has announced to have 80 % of all its packaging recyclable by 2020. The Co-op members also voted in support of this packaging motion at their Annual General Meeting. The aim is to champion a better way of doing business. Co-op also said that they are going to replace the polystyrene discs with corrugated cardboard across their entire pizza range.

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CEPI, EUROFER and Eurometaux Underline the Importance of Measuring Real Recycling Rates for Implementing Circular Economy

After the meeting of the European Commission and Parliament, EUROFER, CEPI and Eurometaux appeal for all EU institutions to prove their Circular Economy ambition, by working constructively towards a single measure of real recycling. Therefore it is crucial to invest in better systems for enhancing the quality and quantity of what is recycled, because this allows CEPI, Eurofer and Eurometaux to measure the actual recycling rate in order to make the Circular Economy happen in Europe.

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