Future Links CW 24: Packaging Edition

This week’s future links deal with all aspects of packaging. Read all about the winner of the AmeriStar Award, the transportation of pharmaceuticals, Desperados’ special bottle design, limited dosing for opioid medication and the sale of Molins’ Instrumentation & Tobacco Machinery.

AmeriStar Award for Clasper Bottle Technology

The jury evaluated this year’s entries for the AmeriStar Package Awards examining package innovation, product protection, economics, performance, marketing and environmental impact. For the alcoholic beverages category they chose the Clasper bottle created by Plastic Technologies, Inc as the winner. It is designed out of two polyethylene terephthalate containers and shrink label. With this new technology users can make an instant cocktail by pouring the alcohol from the bottom container into the juice in the primary bottle. Additionally they are able to offer a packaging solution for combining any kind of liquid – not just drinks: It can be used in the food or pharmaceutical industry, too.

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Swanline Print and Woolcool Revolutionize the Transportation of Pharmaceuticals

The LifeGUARDIAN solution from Swanline and Woolcool responds to current failings in cold chain distribution. They use sheep’s wool, which cannot be used for textile, to create an eco-friendly insulating packaging system. It allows keeping temperature-sensitive medicines in their optimum environment for up to twice as long as industry standards. By using natural resources to improve the effectiveness of packaging, Swanline and Woolcool also reduce environmental impact and waste.

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New Design for Heineken’s Desperados Flare

Heineken comes with a limited-edition package for its Desperados Original brand. Creating a festive accessory they want to address a younger audience for celebrations and special occasions. In order to let the product stand out on the shelf they added glitter swills to the original beer: Constantia Flexible used a silver cold foil and overprinted it with a gold wash for the label. Thereby they achieved various shades of high metallic gold effects.

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Limiting Dosing for Opioid Medication by Electronic Nasal-Spray Package

For their nasal spray Instanyl DoseGuard the Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG has chosen a new pharmaceutical packaging, which is able to count the doses. It also electronically limits the number of doses that can be delivered in a 24-hour period. This e-Lockout device will be available in various multidose strengths and features a mechanism that temporarily locks usage after a defined number of spray actuations. The display of the device lets the patient know how often they already sprayed, if the device is locked and when they can use it again.

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G.D SpA Buys Instrumentation & Tobacco Machinery Division from Molins

Molins aims to sell its Instrumentation & Tobacco Machinery division to Italy-based G.D. SpA and uses the net proceeds to invest in its packaging machinery activities and to drive growth opportunities. The I&TM division comprises Cerulean, the group’s quality control, testing and analytical instrumentation business and Molins Tobacco Machinery. The sales process is likely to be accomplished in June.

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