Future Links CW 5: Printed Electronics Edition

Printed electronics and functional printing are booming. This is why our weekly future links are all about current developments in this sector. We featured a new centre for printed electronics in Durham, a new 3D-printed series of multi-layered rigid PCBs with flexible conductive connectors, lightweight flexible solar modules and a review of flexible and printed electronics in 2016.


CPI Establishes EEMC for RFID Labels in Durham

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the UK based Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is going to open the Emerging Electronics Manufacturing Centre (EEMC). This center for printed electronics, which is planned to be located in Durham County, will provide a reel-to-reel RFID inlay production line, producing reels of RFID labels at high volumes, and a smart label converting line.

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Nano Dimension Technologies 3D-Printed Rigid PCB Series with Flexible Conductive Connectors

Nano Dimension Technologies Ltd has successfully 3D-printed a series of multi-layered rigid PCBs with flexible conductive connectors. This invention might help overcoming traditional production limitations such as continuous transfer or loose contacts. Since it allows PCB to bend, it can even be connected to curved or complex geometrical products. At the moment, the patent for the process as well as for the printed materials is still pending.

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Midsummer Introduces Lightweight Flexible Solar Modules with a Conversion Efficiency of 14 Percent

After Midsummer announced to have sold its compact DUO solar cell manufacturing system to an Asian company, this client could now finally start manufacturing lightweight flexible solar modules with a conversion efficiency of 14 percent. With this production system, the solar cells can be manufactured individually and then stringed together into modules just like crystalline solar cells. The required flexible solar modules were made in the client’s mass production line in normal production conditions and with standard process settings.

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Review: Flexible and Printed Electronics in 2016

Be it wearables, sensors, RFID, displays or lighting: The developments in this field helped the flexible and printed electronics market to emerge in 2016. Several innovations were introduced, which showed how everyday items can benefit from electronics. With an increasing number of electronics being implemented in more and more products, their way to commercialization started in 2016.

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drupa Newsroom’s Functional Printing Archives

Printed electronics are booming. Be it their use within the production process of OLED, for spreading music all over the world, in the medical field, to solve crimes, generate power, or prevent accidents: On our blog we composed an archive of the status quo in this industry. Our articles in the category “functional printing” offer a great overview of current developments in this sector.

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