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This week our news roundup from the printing industry covers new HP mobile print solutions, Gogoprint and their plans for Southeast Asia, a tutorial for impressive business cards and news about the expansion plans from Nigeria-based company Printivo.

Label Printing
Labeling is a popular and growing sector and it constantly gains more attention. Philip Easton, director of Domino Printing Solutions predicts a huge growth for label and packaging printing in the future and adds that companies and exhibitors should not underestimate the importance of media. While self-adhesive and sleeve/shrink wrap label types are the fastest growing the fastest, David Spratt of Epson recommends the Colorworks C7500 and C3500 printers for label printing. This model is close to digital technology trends because of its printing short runs among others.
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HP announces print solutions with mobile skills
Because the use of mobile devices in offices increases HPJetAdvantage Connect offers a solution for mobile devices to print in the corporate network with a new PC-like print feature. This feature contains a fast and efficient operation without extra steps. The possibility to print from mobile devices is no longer regarded as an option, but as a necessity. HP adds intelligent tools which make potential security hazards visible. Doing so print jobs coming from mobile devices underlie the same monitoring and protection features as for print jobs from PCs.
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Gogoprint wants to modernize online printing in Southeast Asia
The turn of internet at the printing industry did not reach all traditional print houses. Gogoprint is a new company based in Thailand that aims at conveying the benefits of the internet to the printing industry in Southeast Asia. The company focuses on introducing learnings and business models from the West to Asia, and has already gained the partnership of a key Printi investor. Gogoprint not only expands geographically it also aims to enter other branches of printing such as banners, stickers etc.
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Emboss your own business cards via 3D printed pocket press
As digital design and 3D printing get more popular and easy to use for companies and their staff, creating an individual and functional business card could be an efficient way to represent yourself. Canadian designer Myers of Beta Things uses a CAD program to emboss text and a logo. If you want to get inspired by business card designs and the technical process, watch the tutorial on 3DPrint.com

Nigeria-based Printivo expanding in Africa
Nigeria-based Printivo plans to expand to other English-speaking countries on the African Continent. One of the great difficulties for printing businesses in Nigeria is the distance between employer and client. This makes it hard to find a graphic designer. Therefore Printivo will expand its business model by launching an online marketplace for graphic designers. In contrast to others in the business Oluyomi Ojo, founder of Printivo, is optimistic about Nigeria’s growing internet penetration rate.
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