Future Links CW 38

In this week’s future links we give you a feeling for things to come in the printing industry with new latex inks by Ricoh USA, the new UV LED printer in Mimaki’s portfolio, WAZER’s water cutter HP’s acquisition of Samsung’s printer unit and the multichannel communications suite Relay by Pitney Bowes.


New latex inks by Ricoh
Ricoh USA, Inc. has presented its new aqueous resin latex inks and announced that their wide format customers will be transitioned to these kind of inks soon. The benefit is that the inks cure quickly so that wide format shops are able to take on more jobs and thereby increase their profits. Additionally, they are characterized by a shelf life of 24 months, a high color quality and a low impact on the environment.
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Relay, Pitney Bowes’ new multichannel communications suite
Pitney Bowes has launched Relay, a digital document hub that ensures a high level of data privacy. This new multichannel communications suite is specifically designed for small and medium businesses. Relay gives them the opportunity to improve their communications because it is able to deliver content via physical and digital channels. By expanding its product portfolio the company has introduced the first cloud-based document production software.
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JFX200-2531: Extension of Mimaki’s JFX200 product range
Mimaki expands its JFX200 product range with the new JFX200-2531 model. By handling media up to 2.5 x 3.1m this new flatbed UV LED printer features an increased printing area. So it can be used to print on large items such as signs, wall decorations or doors. Furthermore the new product improves productivity and offers an ioniser that eliminates electrostatic discharge. The JFX200-2531 is likely to be commercially available in Q1 2017.
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WAZER water cutter enters the mass market
WAZER has introduced its low-cost desktop water cutter. Whereas common water cutters are extremely huge, WAZER’s are space-saving enough to fit into a small workshop. With their water cutters allowing to cut robust materials like metal, glass and stone, WAZER addresses people who would otherwise be shaping materials by hand. In order to start the cutting process, the user just has to import the file into special software and configure certain settings. The start-up expects to sell hundreds of units with their newly started Kickstarter campaign.
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HP acquires Samsung’s printer unit
During its Global Partner Conference in Boston HP Inc. confirmed that they are going to buy Samsung Electronics’ printer business for $ 1.05 billion. The deal is expected to close within the next year. Samsung’s printing business comprises 6,000 employees, a production base in China and over 50 sales offices worldwide. As equity investment in HP Samsung has agreed to buy $100 million to $300 million of HP printing equipment on the open market.
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