Future Links February 24th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Nano Dimension’s partnership with Tel Aviv University, Heidelberg’s rebranding of its digital product line, e-commerce as a trendsetter in the packaging business, Air New Zealand’s 3D printed cabin parts, Coca-Cola’s VR viewer as a packaging prototype, the psychological impact of packaging on buying decisions and new on the drupa blog: The 3rd drupa Global Trends Report.

Nano Dimension teams up with Tel Aviv University spin-off
Just a day after it was approved to trade on the NASDAQ, Israeli 3D printing specialist Nano Dimension has announced its partnership with the university-owned private company RAMOT. Nano Dimension, founded in 2012, specializes in the production of 3D inkjet, 3D software, and nanomaterials. The company is best known for developing the first 3D printer to produce multi-layer PCBs, and will now focus its attention on nanoparticle nickel printing.
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Heidelberg rebrands digital product line
Heidelberg will be presenting the industry’s digitized future under the motto ‘Simply Smart’ at drupa. The company has standardized its entire digital printing portfolio with the ‘Fire’ product branding. The Primefire 106 B1 industrial digital inkjet press will be the first new product to adopt the name; a number of existing products have been renamed.
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E-commerce sets trends in the packaging business
In an article on Packaging Digest, Dhivant Patel, global e-commerce supply chain manager at Unilever, examines how packaging is adapting to meet the needs of internet shoppers. Patel points out that businesses are starting to realize that shipped packages are a direct touch point with consumers and a rich marketing opportunity. Packaging has also become leaner and more sustainable.
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Air New Zealand 3D prints cabin parts
Air New Zealand is embracing the future of aircraft interiors by producing 3D printed components for its Business Premier cabins. The airline has been working with Auckland University of Technology to manufacture the fold down cocktail trays using 3D printing and is exploring the use of the technology for additional parts.
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Coca-Cola cartons turn into VR viewers
Functional packaging comes in many shapes and sizes. The Coca-Cola Company is now testing new packaging for the 12 can cardboard box that can double as a VR viewer for smartphones. The concept exists only as a prototype so far but may be released if the right promotional partner comes along.
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Packaging has a psychological impact on buying decisions
Color, structure and sensory details all influence how a consumer perceives a product and the underlying brand. Certain elements of psychological concepts can be found in nearly every packaging design, and these can send subconscious signals to consumers. Colors, shape, scent and feel have their own language and a slimmer package may signal a healthier product. Before any packaging launch or redesign, it’s important to consider what the ideal and current customers value most.
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New on the drupa blog: 3rd drupa Global Trends Report
With just weeks to go before drupa 2016 opens, the results of the 3rd drupa Global Trends report have been published. The report finds that although recovery from the financial crisis in 2008 is incomplete and uneven, printers everywhere are increasingly optimistic about their prospects throughout 2016.
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