Future Links February 24th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers college students’ preference for printed textbooks, an app to encrypt 3D printing files, a report about strong demand for HP’s printing services, 3D printing entering the curriculum, price increases by French cardboard manufacturers, a company that repurposes excess packaging material and Mondi’s new high-speed inkjet paper.

College students not ready to give up their books
They grew up with the internet, smartphones and electronic media. Still, the 20-somethings now in college prefer printed textbooks to PDFs and ebooks. The students said they like the touch in feel of books. For them, interactivity means highlighting text, taking notes and scribbling in the margins.
More at The Washington Post

App to encrypt 3D printing file elicits controversial reactions
There have been some warnings about potential downsides of 3D printing ranging from worries about 3D printed guns to counterfeiting and intellectual property theft. Researcher and artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez has created an app that distorts and encrypts 3D printing files beyond recognition.
More at Ars Technica

Optimistic outlook driven by HP’s laser and managed printing services
Analysts see solid printing demand, HP’s strength particularly in laser printing and managed print services as well as the upcoming corporate split as drivers of the company’s stock performance.
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3D printing to be taught at schools in India and the U.S.
3D printing is viewed as an important skill for future generations. That’s why India-based publishing group MDB has introduced a 3D printing K-12 education program at the World Book Fair. Similar efforts are underway in the United States. Here, Pitsco Education has worked to implement 3D printing education into classrooms.
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French cardboard manufacturer announces price increases
After some price pressure in January, the move came as a bit of a surprise. Yet, a French manufacturer of corrugated case material announced a price increase for recycled containerboard. Others suppliers intend to follow its lead.
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Company repurposes excess packaging material
New but not needed: 5000 small plastic whiskey bottles were perfect materials for Damon Carson, president and founder of RepurposedMaterials. His company operates in in Chicago and Atlanta and hopes to open additional facilities in Texas and in eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey this year. He accepts unused generic packaging material to repurpose it for people who find value in the materials.
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Mondi presents new high-speed inkjet paper
Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, expanded its portfolio of inkjet papers. The newest additions are Neujet matte premium, Neujet silk and Neujet silk premium. The papers are optimized for medium to heavy color, direct mail, graphic arts and book printing applications according to the company.
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