Future Links January 11th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature 3D System’s discontinuation of the Cube, optimism about plastic packaging, the 2016 CMYK manifesto, Changing Technologies’ method of turning CT scans into 3D prints, wine in a can, a pen with conductive ink and innovative packaging for apples.

3D Systems discontinues the Cube
3D System is focusing on professional and industrial 3D printers. The company announced that it will discontinue its consumer model, the 3D desktop printer, the Cube. The online platform Cubify will be closed on January 31, 2016. The CubePro designed for desktop engineering, educational and professional applications will not be affected by the decision.
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German trade association voices optimism about plastic packaging
The German trade association for plastics packaging converters, IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen, has said that the German plastic packaging industry is confident about the upcoming year. 70 % of IK member companies now see the economic situation as good; that is almost double the percentage of 37 % from a year ago.
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2016 CMYK manifesto outlines opportunities and challenges for print
After a lot of speculation about its demise, print media has taken its place in the multichannel marketing world along side digital media, mobile media and social media. But to be successful, print businesses have to remain proactive. Print Media Centr provides five ways to push the print media agenda in 2016.
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Changing Technologies turns CT scans into 3D prints
CT scans used to be one of the few ways to catch a glimpse into the human body. But the two-dimensional images had clear limitations. Unlike 3D prints, they don’t show complex structures in a way that helps surgeons to practice the procedures beforehand. Changing Technologies has now developed a method that turns CT scans into 3D prints, thus helping doctors better understand the special anatomy of patients who require difficult procedures.
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Wine in a can could be the newest fad
For most wine connoisseurs, good wine belongs into glass bottles sealed with a cork. But recently, there have been a lot of experiments with other kinds of packaging including Tetra Paks and screw caps. The newest addition: Wine in a can. It is still to early to say whether this packaging invention will catch on.
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Conductive ink creates connections to the electronic world
Nectro, a company that originated from the Bio-Nano Technology Lab of the University of Western Ontario, has developed a pen that writes with conductive ink, thus allowing its users to draw wires on paper and other surfaces. The conductive materials are silver and some silver complex; a special film is available to make the wires durable and waterproof.
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Apples are packaged in new ways
Packaging for food and beverages are constantly evolving. One field where we have seen innovations recently is the packaging of fresh fruits and apples in particular. New and popular fresh apple packaging include totes, clamshells, foam nets, consumer-sized boxes, individually wrapped, sealed and resealable pouches and insert liners, among others. Food safety, the need to reduce bruising and environmental concerns are some of the drivers behind the inventions.
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