Future Links January 19th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the potential impact of 3D printing on the transportation and logistics sector, Webmart’s offer for free mentoring, WinSun’s printed 6-story apartment building, Pureprint’s acquisition of a majority stake in Imprint, publicity advice for the LabelExpo, an upgrade for Iggesund’s bestselling paper and tips for successful banner design.

3D printing impacts the transportation and logistics industry
A lot has been written about a possible future distributed economy where goods are produced locally with the help of 3D printers. Now, Strategy & Business has performed an analysis to see which products will affect the transportation industry the most. Shoes and toys are likely to have a major impact as well as ceramics products.
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Webmart’s CEO offers free mentoring to print start-ups
Webmart’s chief executive officer Simon Biltcliffe is aware of the tradition of giving back 10 percent of one’s earnings for a good cause. He has now vowed to give away 10 percent of his time to mentor entrepreneurs in the print business. The mentoring sessions will be conducted via Skype.
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WinSun prints 6-story apartment building
Just recently, we published an article with new developments in 3D printing in the construction industry. The Chinese company WinSun has sinced upped the ante and build a functional 6-story apartment building using a gigantic 3D printer.
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Pureprint Group buys majority stake in Imprint Group
In an effort to boost its already successful large-format print services the marketing provider Pureprint Group has acquired a majority stake in the Imprint Group. Pureprint aims to expand its services in the large-format business where the company sees significant growth opportunities.
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Iggesund’s bestselling paper is getting an upgrade
Many brand owners want to have access to high-quality reverse side printing and so far, Iggesund’s flagship product, Invercote, was only coated on one side. From summer 2015 Invercote G will feature a lightly coated reverse side.
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Tips for successful banner design
Banners are designed to get attention but make them too busy and hard to read, they will miss their purpose. An article in Print Monthly explains how to design a banner for maximum effectiveness.
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