Future Links July 10th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the first 3D printed robot with a soft exterior, two 3D print companies being selected for Disney’s Accelerator, Coca-Cola’s label-free cans, Flint’s new UV ink for food labels, an award for Dow Chemical’s PacXpert and a white paper outlining growth opportunities for paper packaging.

First 3D printed robot with soft outside and hard interior
Brining together hard and soft components for robotics is believed to open up the avenue for a new agile generation of robots that can safely work next to humans. Scientists from Harvard University and the University of California, San Diego, have managed to 3D print the first robot whose body that transitions from a rigid core to a soft exterior. The robot is capable of more than 30 untethered jumps and is powered by a mix of butane and oxygen.
More at Phys.org

Disney Accelerator chooses two 3D print firms
Two 3D printing firms got selected to be part of this year’s Disney Accelerator, which involves a 13-week mentorship program, an exchanged with other start-ups and financial support. The two firms were MakieLab, which makes custom dolls and Open Bionics, which is performing groundbreaking work in open-source bionic prosthetics.
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Coca-Cola sends message through label-free cans
As part of Coca-Cola’s “Let’s take an extra second” campaign, the companies introduced cans in the iconic red and white but without the company’s name on it in the Middle East. The message “Labels are for cans, not people” features on the back of the can. The label-free campaign was created by FP7 and Memac Ogilvy.
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Flint introduces UV ink for food labels
Many packaging applications in the food sector require low migration inks. The Flint Group has just introduced its new Flexocure ANCORA 50, a low migration UV flexo ink for food labels and certain flexible packaging applications. It is fully compliant to the Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21 listing and to the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging inks (version 3, Feb 21 2014).
More at Ink World Magazine

Dow Chemical’s PacXpert wins award
Packaging Europe has recognized Dow Chemical’s PacXpert with a first place in the weight reduction category in recognition of the way it facilitates the replacement of heavier, rigid containers. The award emphasized the environmental savings such as less material and increased shipping and warehouse efficiency.
More at Packaging Europe

White paper outlines opportunities for paper packaging
A new report by Smithers Pira shows growth opportunities for paper packaging resulting from changing lifestyles, environmental concerns and improving techniques. Paper and board represents 35 % of the world’s packaging sales in 2013, with carton and containerboard representing 31 % of the packaging market, according to the report.
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