Future Links July 13th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a survey about the use of 3D printing in the packaging industry, a security firm’s warning about printers, a 3D printed autonomous mini car, Firtan’s color certification, a boost in Labelmakers’ business, tips for inkjet success and a clever way to use 3D printing to facilitate 2D printing.

Early survey results show great interest in 3D in the packaging industry
Packaging Digest recently conducted a survey among packaging professionals to gauge their interest in 3D printing. Even though the final results aren’t in yet, Packaging Digest shared some early results. Nearly one third of the respondents said they were already using 3D printing technology and two thirds said they would be using it in the next 1-2 years.
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Security firm: Smart printing devices are an opportunity for hackers
The security firm Annodata warns that smart printing devices may present an opportunity for hackers to break into an enterprise’s network. The company says that the new multifunctional office printers that connect to mobile devices have created new risks to data security.
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Researchers 3D print self-driving mini car
Scientists at the University of Michigan have 3D printed a self-driving plastic mini car named SmartCart that can go at the speed of a golf cart. The researchers partnered with Arizona-based firm Local Motors that 3D printed a car last year. The car is still in prototype stage but later versions may be able to shuttle passengers across airport terminals or students across campus.
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Firstan achieves color certification
The packaging manufacturer Firstan produces more than 500 million cartons annually for pharmaceutical, healthcare and food-manufacturing companies. Consistent color and quality are highly important to its business. That’s why Firstan decided to become certified as Britain’s first pressSign Offset Standard (POS) certified packaging business.
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Australian company Labelmakers says doom and gloom is over
The Australian company Labelmakers that offers a wide range of labeling solution said that that its revenue has increased by 10 % since last year and that there are promising signs that business is coming back. Labelmakers’ sales manager said that one key to their recent business growth is engaging its customers with what the technology can do.
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Tips for inkjet success
Businesses that are considering investing in a inkjet web press have a number of points to think about before purchasing the right equipment. An article highlights five tips to help with the decision making process and to make the investment a success.
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Creative mind uses 3D printing to facilitate 2D printing
Here’s an idea: Why not use 3D printing to facilitate 2D printing? A creative mind working under the pseudonym Wanjun is doing just that. He 3D printed block plates for traditional 2D printing. Wanjun refers to the technique as “2.5D printing”.
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