Future Links July 20th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers 3D systems’ water-soluble filament, Beijing University’s 3D printed aircraft frames, a survey about the memorability of printed texts, the challenges and opportunities in using NFC, Pixartprinting’s designs for a food truck, a licensing partnership between Enfucell and Quad Industries and a case study about the benefits of full HD flexo plates for a smaller printing business.

3D Systems’ water-soluble filament allows for intricate designs
3D Systems has introduced a rinse-away support material that makes it easier to print overhangs and intricate structures. 3D Systems’ Infinity Rinse-away printing filament is made of biodegradable, corn-based plastic and is safe to flush down drains. It is compatible with PLA plastic.
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Beijing University shows 3D printed aircraft frames
Using selective laser sintering technology, the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has manufactured 50 large titanium alloy printed parts for aircraft, aircraft carriers, and even new rockets. 3D printing is said to have reduced the production cycle for these large parts by 80 %.
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Survey indicates that printed messages are more memorable
While many people read texts on their computer screens, tablets and smartphone, there is a place for the printed word. The recent Two Sides survey asked 500 consumers in the UK, and 1000 in the U.S. how much they enjoyed reading on different media. The results indicate 84 percent of UK respondents say they retain or use information better when reading printed words, as opposed to 55 % on a computer screen.
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The challenges and opportunities in using NFC
In recent weeks, we have seen several news stories about near-field communication enabled packaging, such as smart bottles and in-store displays. While the technology presents great opportunities, there are challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that NFC will be more successful than QR-codes in engaging the customer.
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Pixartprinting boosts food truck’s popularity
Street food – food or drinks served out of trucks – is gaining popularity in Europe. One example of this trend is Gin Truck, the business with which the entrepreneurial Spanish barman Albert Goldentaer has made his cocktails mobile, serving at festivals and sporting venues. Pixartprinting has provided the Foamex panels and banners used to cover the vehicle. Small format printed items on paper and card, such as business cards and coasters, completed the visual identity.
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Quad Industries is a new licensing partner for SoftBattery
Enfucell has developed the SoftBattery, an all-printed power source made of low cost industrial eco-friendly materials. The chemistry of SoftBattery is based on zinc and manganese dioxide, and zinc chloride as an electrolyte. Quad Industries has become a licensee for the SoftBattery and is now the first European manufacturing company to integrate this kind of battery in applications developed for its customers.
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Case study: Smaller printer benefits from full HD flexo plates
JET Printing is a smaller printer that used to rely on an outside source for its flexo plates. But as the business grew, the company had to make a decision: Either buy outside plates for process work and get left behind with the evolution of printing, or control our work in-house. The company decided to invest into Esko full HD flexo plates.
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