Future Links July 24th 2014

Today our daily news collection from the printing industry deals with electronic memory on paper, certification for security labels, the German packaging award, 3D printing changing concepts, a color partnership, a study on print buyers, a hybrid 3D printer, print software group sold and sustainable packaging.

Electronic memory on paper
Researchers from Taiwan have developed a method to print working memory on an ordinary piece of paper. This memory device can even be bent 1.000 times without losing performance.
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Certification for security labels
Security Labels International have received certification to the ISO 17712:2013 security seals standard for their Label Lock products. The labels are produced to ensure that nothing is added to or removed from packages or secure areas
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German packaging award
Submission deadline for the “Deutschen Verpackungspreis” ends in one weeks. The award ceremony takes place in Nuremberg on 11th November 2014.

3D concept change
Since the evolvement of 3D printing, rapid prototyping has been transforming manufacturing industries and conventional approaches. This article examines the significance and the future of the print technology.
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Color partnership
QuadTech and Gallus Group from Switzerland have signed a partnership to offer automated color control and productivity benefits. The latter can now provide QuadTech closed-loop color control and color measurement systems for its offset, flexo and gravure presses.
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Study on print buyers
A new online study sponsored by the National Paper Trade Association focuses on the question of how today’s print buyers purchase paper for commercial printing. Print buyers, designers and marketers can take part in this short survey.
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Hybrid 3D printer
Hurco, a CNC machine maker, has filed a patent application for a new technology that combines additive manufacturing and CNC machining. The company has developed an adapter that will allow Hurco machines to 3D print directly.
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Print software group sold
Print technology developer EFI continues its growth by acquisition strategy and has bought personalized image software outfit DirectSmile. They had recently acquired Prism MIS, Online Print Solutions, and Rohan Holt’s Lithotechnics.
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Sustainable packaging
According to studies, food and packaging waste in the UK grocery sector is worth 6.9bn  £.  This article takes a look at how companies can rethink packaging design to save the environment and money as well.
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