Future Links July 30th 2014

Here’s our daily news roundup from the printing industry. Today we have for you the German label paper market, multiple material printing by NASA, a sustainable material seminar, James Cropper simpliflying paper division, a smart 3D printer, iSys receiving certification, an extra strong printing material, Delta Packaging expanding in Poland, adhesive recycling problems, Heidelberg’s standby function for green printing and Fusion Paperboard closing its mill.

German label paper market
Manufacturers of label paper supplying the German market reported strong deliveries in the first half of the year, according to EUWID. However, prices for paper did not change during the second and third quarter.
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Heidelberg standby function for green printing
All presses from Heidelberg equipped with the Prinect Press Center now come with the new standby function. According to the company, this enables the press to be switched to an energy-saving mode that significantly reduces CO2 emissions.
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Multiple material printing by NASA
Especially 3D printing in space sometimes requires parts composed of several different materials. Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have developed a new solution for this problem that allows a 3D printer to switch between different types of alloys.
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Sustainable material seminar
Early bird discount for the seminar by the British Coating Federation on new green raw materials for paint, coatings and ink manufacturers expires today. The event takes place at Nottingham Belfry Hotel on 16th September 2014.
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James Cropper simplifies paper division
James Cropper combines its two paper divisions, Speciality Paper and Converting, into one business to simplify customer service. The new company will operate from the traditional manufacturing and administration base in Burneside, Cumbria.
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Smart 3D printer
MIT researchers have developed an add-on for any standard 3D printer that manages to use laser scanner and a webcam to detect the placement and orientation of an item left on the print bed. It means you could for example resume printing a job that was interrupted or failed.
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iSys receives certification
The Canadian Imaging Systems Group has received section 3 certification by PIRA for its EDGE 850 digital label printer. Thus it meets requirements to print GHS-compliant drum and chemical labels according to BS5609 standards.
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Extra strong printing material
Typical objects printed with resins are not very durable, especially when created for use as functional parts. To fill this void, TMadeSolid, Inc. now sells a new material called “Tough Resin” for objects that need to be able to handle wear and tear.
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Delta Packaging expanding in Poland
Delta Packaging from Belfast opens a 10,000 m² factory near Katowice in Poland following the 40m £ investment plan in April which involved the expansion of the Belfast site. The factory will produce sustainable, folding cartonboard packaging products.
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Adhesive recycling problems
Adhesives themselves are not recyclable, but the papers to which they are affixed, are. According to this article, customers are still hesitant to new greener adhesives.
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Fusion Paperboard closing mill
Fusion Paperboard from Connecticut will shut down its paper mill in Sprague, CT, in September. The mill produces 100 % recycled, food-grade paperboard.
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