Future Links June 10th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers Samsung’s plans for entering the 3D printing space, a peak in printing on Wednesdays, lessons from print advertising, Australia’s foray into titanium 3D printing, Renova’s first production site in France, the benefits of a mobile strategy for printing businesses and an increased demand for labels in the U.S.

Samsung enters 3D printing space
After HP and Intel have announced their plans for entering the 3D printing industry, Samsung has followed suit. The company has said it has put a team together that will work on exploring opportunities in 3D printing, among other things. Additionally, details have been released about a 3D patent filed in September 2014. The patent covers a new proprietary multicolor 3D printing process.
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Australia explores titanium 3D printing
Australia is the world’s largest producer of titanium but titanium is difficult to machine so that most is exported unrefined. Australia’s federal scientific research organization, the CSIRO, is now looking for ways to kick-start a local titanium manufacturing industry and one of the most promising sectors for titanium manufacturing is in 3D printing.
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Wednesday is print day in the UK
It sounds like another invented holiday but don’t expect to get a card or a day off. Rather, data gathered by the Danwood Group indicates that printing, faxing and scanning volumes peaking mid-week. The data, taken from an analysis of the activity of nearly 30,000 devices used within 568 UK businesses, paints a picture of productivity within the typical Monday to Friday working week, with print volumes almost halving on a Friday from their mid-week peak.
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Renova builds first production site in France
Portuguese tissue manufacturer Renova is building its first production site outside of Portugal. The company plans to produce tissue products such as kitchen rolls and toilet paper in Saint-Yorre, France in the future. The new mill is to be commissioned in late 2015.
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The benefits of mobile computing for printing businesses
It seems counterintuitive: Information presented on mobile digital devices is often seen as print’s nemesis. But it doesn’t have to be this way, explains Ricoh Europe in a white paper titled Making the Most of Mobile: What a ‘Mobile-First’ Strategy Means for Your Business. The paper identifies the opportunities that mobile technologies present for printing businesses of all sizes with good examples of how to put them to use.
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U.S. label demand is on a clear growth trajectory
Demand for labels in the U.S. is projected to increase 3.8 percent annually to 19.7 billion USD in 2019, according to a report by market researcher Freedonia. The growth is fueled by overall economic expansion, population increases and a healthy outlook for consumer spending.
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