Future Links June 16th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers 3D printed components for future deep-sea exploration, 3DPrinterOS’ open source plans, Canon’s updated business audit tool, wide-format printing’s importance as a profit center, the significance of color, Smurfit Kappa’s sustainability progress, and South Korea’s 3D printed fighter jet parts.

3D printed components get ready for deep-sea exploration
Deep-sea exploration presents a host of challenges including a high pressure environment in which most devices designed for operation at sea level fail. Martin Baumers has used laser sintering to make a miniature submarine and waterproof housing for his camera. Both came back without damage from a depth of 200 meters in an Italian lake.
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3DPrinterOS goes open source
After establishing a number of partnerships, 3DPrinterOS announced that its cloud 3D printing management software will become open source. The goal is to make it simple for every user and manufacturer to access the power of 3D Printing through the cloud.
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Canon updates business audit tool
Canon has revamped its business analytics audit tool specifically for the graphic arts market. The tool includes a confidential business audit, which is designed to help printers review and adapt their business strategies. In the revised edition, large format printing is considered in addition to he existing areas of marketing collateral, technical documentation, document publishing and photo merchandising.
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Signs and wide format gain importance as profit centers
The recently completed National Print Owners Association (NPOA) 2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study found that signs and wide format are becoming increasingly important profit centers for small commercial printers. The study, which surveyed 230 printing firms, showed that sign and wide format sales accounted for an average of 9.8 % of total sales.
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Discussion: How much does color matter?
PrintMediaCentr has initiated a multi-part discussion between Deborah Corn from the U.S. and Matthew Parker from the U.S. The two print and color experts square off in a blog duel about who cares most about color and why.
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Smurfit Kappa reports progress in sustainability efforts
The paper producer Smurfit Kappa has published its latest sustainability report. The report provides a comprehensive update on Smurfit Kappa’s performance against its five strategic priority areas: forest, climate change, water, waste, and people.
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South Korea selects German 3D printing firm to repair fighter jets
South Korea is using 3D printing technology to repair the country’s F-15K fighter jets, which are made by American manufacturer Boeing McDonnell Douglas. To create the parts, the Korean Aero Technology Research Institute called upon GE and the German 3D printer manufacturer InssTek to help create the parts with their Grand Teton 3D printer, their flagship 3D printer.
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