Future Links March 11th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Staples’ new print-on-demand business, the acquisition of Domino Printing by Brother Industries, a new inkjet-printed glucose test strip, the largest powder-based 3D printed structure, Smurfit Kappa’s most recent acquisition, tips for choosing the right screen printing ink, and the importance of packaging that is pleasing to touch.

Staples offers print on demand for businesses
The business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., Staples Advantages, is launching a new service for commuters, teleworkers and people who have to have documents at hand away from their offices. The new service, Print-to-Store, let’s customers print their document through staplesadvantage.com and pick them up at their closest Staples store.
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Brother Industries to buy Domino Printing
In an effort to diversify from office equipment, the Japanese company Brother Industries, has made an offer to buy Domino Printing for 1.6 billion USD. Domino specializes in printing labels that are easily traceable in industries including shipping and pharmaceuticals.
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Inkjet-printed test strip measures glucose in saliva
As printing techniques, inks and substrates evolve, research teams work on finding ways to make glucose testing for diabetes less expensive and more accessible. The most recent breakthrough comes from a lab in Australia where researchers are working on a method to make a saliva-based glucose test on a common inkjet printer.
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UC Berkeley displays the largest powder-based 3D printed structure
The UC Berkeley campus has always been a great place to visit with its iconic clock tower and the Free Speech Movement Café. Now, the largest powder-based 3D printed structure is on display. It could lead the way to new breakthroughs in construction.
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Smurfit Kappa intends to grow further in Central America
Smurfit Kappa agreed to acquire the packaging supplier Grupo Cybsa with five operations in El Salvador and Costa Rica. This will expand Smurfit Kappa’s growing business in Latin and South American even further.
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Tips for choosing the right screen printing ink
Whether to choose UV curing inks or solvent-based inks in screen-printing operations depends not only on the set-up but also on the desired characteristics of the finished product such as resistance to chemicals. In an in-depth article, Neesan Cleary discusses the pros and cons.
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“Touch and feel” plays an important role in consumers’ choice
Results from a recent study indicate that the tactile sensations that customers experience when touching a product’s packaging play an important role in their purchasing decision. The study was conducted in behalf of Derprosa-Ti, a unit of Tagleef Industries that manufactures Soft Touch Film.
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