Future Links March 13th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Alphaseed’s plans to print cities in the ocean, UV inkjet printing for golden dollars, a world-record in 3D printing, Edison Litho’s acquisition of the Compass Display Group, a label providing recycling guidance to consumers and the success of lightweight packaging.

Alphaseed Project wants to print cities in the ocean
3D printed buildings made news recently. The Alphaseed project is ready to take the concept to a whole new level: It plans to print floating cities and even underwater habitats in the world’s oceans. Crystal polymers or graphene are considered as possible building materials but for now, the project is an idea in search of financial and scientific support.
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UV inkjet printing provides golden shimmer
The start-up company Valarum specializes in printing gold on special plastic substrates to make dollar-size gold bills, award certificates and other products with a glimmer. Before the business launched, the company struggled to find a process that would work well with gold. UV inkjet printing proved to be the solution.
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Airwolf 3D set new record by running 159 printers simultaneously
As part of a charity event, Airwolf aimed to make 200 prosthetic hands. To reach that goal, the company ran 159 3D printers simultaneously. This secured the Californian company an entry in the Guinness book of world records.
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Large-format provider Edison Litho grows bigger
Edison Litho & Printing announced it has acquired Compass Display Group, a company that delivers both temporary and permanent point of sale materials and displays. The acquisition serves as a strategic addition to Litho Edison’s existing business.
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How2Recycle label gives guidance to consumers
Most people want to recycle but the information given on many products can be confusing. As a result, recycling streams are frequently contaminated and recyclable materials are going to landfills. The How2Recycle label and other educational programs are designed to make it easier for consumers to decide how to deal with their used items for recycling.
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Lightweight packaging is gaining momentum
The food packaging industry is a field that has seen many new products lately. Among them: Lightweight packaging. Paperboard producer Smurfit Kappa’s KartonFlute Lite packaging board for litho printers is already seen as a viable alternative to a solid board.
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