Future Links March 16th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the first metal 3D desktop printer, a highly innovative molecule printer, Garnett Dickinson’s acquisition by its former CEO, Xerox’s gold and silver inks, Esko’s purchase of MediaBeacon, color-changing clear coating and a new business intelligence platform for the packaging industry.

First metal 3D desktop printer is almost market ready
The world’s first metal desktop 3D printer, the Mini Metal Maker, is ready to leave the prototype stage. It’s inventor, David Hartkop, is launching an Indiegogo campaign to gather enough funds to bring his invention to market.
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Scientists develop breakthrough molecule printer
Medical doctor Martin E. Burke at the University of Illinois has come up with a method to combine chemical building blocks so that they form molecules using a specialized printer. The machine can utilize more than 200 different building blocks along with thousands of other molecules to print billions of different organic compounds.
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Former CEO acquires Garnett Dickinson
In a surprising twist, former CEO Nick Alexander bought the printing company Garnett Dickinson through one of his investment companies, Wagner Investments, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition reportedly includes Garnett Dickinson Print, Garnett Dickinson Publishing and GD Direct Solutions. Alexander left Garnett Dickinson two years ago.
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Xerox launches gold and silver inks for its new presses
Gold and silver inks are increasingly popular even though using metallic inks in digital printing has its challenges. Following this trend, Xerox’s Color 800i/1000i Presses now offer true Pantone metallic gold or silver specialty dry inks.
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Esko is set to acquire MediaBeacon
Esko’s transformation from a pre-press specialist to an end-to-end packaging provider is one step closer to completion. Esko is about to acquire the digital asset management software supplier MediaBeacon and thus strengthening its expertise in packaging workflow management.
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Clear coating that changes color improves packaging options
Laser-readable codes and labels have been a challenge for packaging designers because they often needed to be placed into a black box. Now, 3C! Packaging introduced a clear coating that changes color when hit with an industrial CO2 laser beam. The coating can be applied to a variety of packaging substrates.
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New business intelligence platform for the packaging industry
The transport management company 3T group has launched a new business intelligence platform designed to facilitate the handling of big data in the packaging supply chain. The platform is able manage a range of activity for clients in the packaging industry, including event management, service delivery, carrier management and financial management reports.
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