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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers innovative inks developed by a Harvard lab, innovative printing technologies for interior design, the effectiveness of printed ads in local newspapers, a U.S. Congressional Hearing about the economic impact of 3D printing, how wine labels can increase customer engagement, tips for label converters and new on the drupa blog: Crossing the finish line – a Cinderella story.

Harvard lab focuses on innovative 3D printing inks
3D printing is going through a phase of massive improvements: Not only are there many advancements in printing hardware, but also many advancements in the versatility and characteristics of inks. Jennifer Lewis, a professor at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science, is among a generation of engineers who are radically expanding the capabilities of 3D printing by focusing on making inks.
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How printing innovations have changed the interior decoration industry
Gemma Riberti of Homebuildlife magazine discusses how recent innovations in the print industry are providing a series of benefits to interior decorating professionals. Digital print’s short-run and variable printing capabilities have made point-of-sale and in-store communication more creative and attractive, particularly with opportunities such as seasonal campaigns, she says.
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Australian survey finds print ads in local newspapers most effective
A survey by Research from the Newspaper Works – Think Local Part 2 found that print advertising in local media is effective in generating sales. The report compared regional newspapers against other top media channels: television, radio, social media and outdoor. When respondents were asked to rate which media’s advertising was most influential in terms of shopping habits, almost twice as many respondents voted regional newspaper ads (37 percent), versus TV (20 %) and more than double in comparison to radio (13 %) and social media (11 %).
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U.S. Congressional Hearing about the economic impact of 3D printing
The U.S. government has long recognized the power of 3D printing. From the White House to the military, 3D printed projects have been carried out in recent years. Now, a Congressional Hearing focuses on the economic impact of 3D printing. Professors from the Carnegie Mellon School of Engineering are among the experts who are asked to give testimony.
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Wine labels convey authenticity and increase customer engagement
Wine labels have the power to influence buyers. That is why they have increasingly transformed into storytelling devices. A case in point: The labels on the Australian wine 19 Crimes that features gritty historical mug shots of criminals banished to Australia. The wine aficionados learn about a part of Australia’s history from the labels and from short films on the web.
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How to overcome challenges as a digital label converter
Digital label converters face a multitude of competitive and technical challenges, requiring a close observation of market trends, continuous learning and investments in new equipment. This article discusses how to meet the challenges to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the market.
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New on the drupa blog: Crossing the finish line – a Cinderella story
Post-press binding and finishing in commercial print, packaging, sign & display graphics and other sectors will be a key attraction at drupa 2016. As they say, it isn’t finished until it is finished … and for many companies, there are still significant opportunities for improving throughput and productivity as well as reducing costs in their post-press departments.
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