Future Links March 23rd

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a new method to print nanomaterials, an expected decline in 3D printer prices, HP’s wide range of products and services for drupa 2016, Domino’s texture features, award-winning packaging designs, Highcon’s plans for drupa 2016 and the increasing popularity of sustainable packaging in the Asia-Pacific region.

Researchers develop new method to print nanomaterials
One of the most common methods to deposit nanoparticles or nanotubes onto a surface is with an inkjet printer similar to an ordinary printer found in an office. However, inkjet printers have limitations. They can’t print on textiles or other flexible materials, let alone onto 3D objects. Researchers have now developed a method using plasma and a nozzle to deposit nanotubes onto a variety of surfaces. This method can be used for the production of wearable chemical and biological sensors, flexible memory devices, batteries and integrated circuits.
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Report says 3D printer prices are going to drop
According to a new industry report from global business and market research firm Ibisworld, the recent price drops in 3D printing technology are likely to continue. The report estimates that 3D printing hardware prices are expected to drop by 6.4 percent across the board just in 2016. That is likely due to an influx of newer 3D printer manufacturers who are bringing higher quality machines and lower prices with them.
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HP has range of new products and services ready for drupa 2016
HP Inc. announced that it will exhibit the industry’s broadest portfolio of digital printing solutions at drupa 2016, including new advancements that demonstrate how HP digital print technology enables print service providers (PSPs) to reinvent their possibilities. The company also unveiled HP PrintOS, a cloud-based operating system that reinvents how customers manage print production.
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Domino presents new texture features
Domino Digital Printing Solutions introduced ‘Textures by Domino’, a new ink jet capability, which allows label printers to print digitally textured labels just by using the high opacity white ink on the N610i digital colour label press, without the need to invest in expensive textured substrates. This technique enables printers to create visually striking tactile labels that not only give products strong shelf presence but also help to increase customer engagement.
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Highcon plans to launch three new machines at drupa 2016
Highcon has unveiled three new machines it will launch at drupa 2016 that will open up digital cutting and creasing to new markets, according to a company statement. Ranging from entry-level to top-of-the-line production capability, the Israel-headquartered manufacturer said the new products will benefit a range of print businesses. All three machines are based on Highcon’s core cutting and creasing technology.
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Asia Pacific market drives growth in sustainable packaging
The demand for sustainable packaging is increasing due to a rise in environmental consciousness among the consumers. Companies like Dell, Dixie Egg Company, Wolfgang Puck Coffee have come up with alternatives to conventional packaging that is not only eco-friendly but also increased customer engagement and trust. According to a report by Persistence Market Research, the biggest growth in the sustainable packaging industry is expected in the Asia Pacific market, largely driven by India and China. This is due to the increase in health awareness among the middle class population.
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