Future Links March 25th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a successful recycling trial by British supermarket chains, 3D printers for tall objects, an industry award for FedEx’s printing services, Clinchtech’s changed relationship with Fujifilm, 3D printed bones, Meerssen’s bankruptcy proceedings and opportunities for interior designers with new printed materials.

Recycling trial for supermarket food trays was a success
Ready-to-eat meals hot off the supermarket shelves are convenient. But because they come in plastic packaging, their environmental impact has been less than desirable. A six months long trial led by Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s aiming to significantly increase the recycling rates of black CPET trays has been hailed a success. And provided motivation to extend the trial. If all black CPET trays were recycled this would save local authorities between 2.2 million British pounds and 2.8 million British pounds per year in disposal costs.
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3D printing takes on taller jobs
So far, 3D printers for home use could only print smaller objects up to two feet in height. This is about to change. The Z-unlimited package for Ultimaker 3D printers is suited for life-sized objects such as 3D printed selfies, vases, sculptures and furniture.
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FedEx printing services receive an industry award
FedEx Office, delivering printing solutions for commercial customers’ needs, has received the 2014 Boeing Performance Excellence Award, which recognizes superior supplier performance. FedEx Office has been providing customized commercial print production services for The Boeing Company since March 2012 as the company’s primary print provider responsible for critical operations, sales and large format printed materials.
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Clinchtech makes Inca media-handling kit widely available
Clinchtech, the developer of the Inca Onset automated media handling system, has ended its exclusive agreement with Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems. Clinchtech stated that it is going to continue to work with Fujifilm but also with other wide-format equipment manufacturers as well as directly with end users.
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Researchers are printing bones with blood vessels
Scientists at the University of Freiburg in southern Germany are working on a method that allows to 3D print bones that come complete with blood vessels. This increases the viability of printed body tissues and is a major step forward in using 3D printing for medical purposes.
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Meerssen paper has entered bankruptcy proceedings
The Dutch specialty paper manufacturer has closed its operations and is now in bankruptcy proceedings. The company was declared insolvent by the relevant court in Limburg on 17 March.
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Interior designers embrace printing for customized looks
Print is becoming an increasingly attractive method for designers to achieve the effects they are aiming for. Advanced printing techniques as well as specialized inks and substrates support this trend that presents a host of opportunities for designers and manufacturers of wall papers and home design textiles.
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