Future Links March 29th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature smartphone 3D Printer OLO passing $1 Million on Kickstarter, Landa to showcase flexible package printing at drupa 2016, first 3D printed drug being shipped to pharmacies, HP refreshing Indigo technology across the range for drupa, Blue Star making biggest Xerox installation, first fleet of Local Motors 3D printed cars road ready and new on the drupa blog: Printed electronics meet fashion.

Smartphone 3D Printer OLO passes $1 Million on Kickstarter
Smartphones can do anything – even 3D printing. With the OLO, Italian digital factory Solido 3D wanted to create a cheap smartphone 3D printer that anyone could easily use, regardless of their experience. After the Kickstarter campaign began, it hit $30,000 in just three minutes before reaching its $80,000 goal in a total of 30 minutes.
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Landa to showcase flexible package printing at drupa 2016
Benny Landa has announced that his company will show its W10 nanographic printing press for flexible packaging at drupa 2016. The meter-wide web press prints up to eight colors at 200m/min on plastic packaging films, paper, carton board and aluminum foil. Landa will also show its new Nano-Metallography, a zero-waste metallization process that will halve the cost of metallized printing, as the company claims.
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First 3D printed drug being shipped to pharmacies
3D printing has already changed medicine in many areas with new prosthetics, implants and even 3D printed cells and tissue. The next step: scientists are developing 3D printed pills that could usher in a new era of drug manufacturing and delivery. Now, the first 3D printed drug to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is being shipped. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals said its 3D printed Spritam pill are used to treat epilepsy. They were created using some off-the-shelf 3D printer parts but mostly their own technology to build the drugs, layer by layer.
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HP refreshes Indigo technology across the range for drupa 2016
HP Indigo will showcase its most productive press ever at drupa 2016 as part of this fair’s largest stand, claims the company. However, the Indigo 50000 will not ship for another 12 months, with trial sites targeted for January next year. HP’S PrintOS and new inkjet web presses will be shown as well.
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Blue Star makes biggest Xerox installation
Last week, Fuji Xerox has launched its latest iGen 5 press. Now, Blue Star Group is installing four of the machines at two of its locations. According to the company, they performed a series of spot colour tests on 50 client logos on the Xerox machine and several market rivals, before deciding on the iGen5.
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First fleet of Local Motors 3D printed cars road ready
Recently, open source vehicle company Local Motors has opened two printing facilities in the US for the first 3D printed car in mass production. Now, the company plans to send its first fleet onto highways as early as next year. To support this, Local Motors has published a video detailing the process of manufacturing a 3D printed car.
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New on the drupa blog: Printed electronics meet fashion
A lot has been written about functional clothing with integrated printed electronics, yet not too many shorts or shirts with sensors have appeared on the shelves of sporting goods stores. The Canadian-based AIA Labs/Myant is trying to change that. The company puts electronics and textile design, development and production under one roof, thus ensuring that all parts of the process are working together toward the desired solution.
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