Future Links March 31st

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Landa’s nanographic printing getting ready for drupa, pantone colors for beer labels, activists calling for recyclable cookie packaging, Alive’s investment in print, print and paper as durable storage mediums, Bobst’s plans for drupa 2016 and a free guide explaining barcode printing technology.

Landa says nanographic printing will be ready for drupa
The technology has created massive expectations and now it looks like it will be shown to the public for the first time. Technology innovator Benny Landa says he will demonstrate nanographic printing at drupa 2016 and taking orders, although shipping will not start for 12 months. Landa will have three presses on show; the sheetfedB1 double sided S10P designed for commercial printing, the sheetfed B1 S10 single sided for folding carton and POP, and the one meter wide web fed W10 for flexible package printing.
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Alive magazine invests in print to beat slump
When a print magazine reaches a crossroads, conventional wisdom often dictates cutting costs, decreasing page counts, and diverting all available resources to cheaper-to-produce, faster digital reporting. The St. Louis regional magazine Alive isn’t listening. Instead, it invests in print and hired print journalists to provide the readers with an elevated experience.
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Print and paper seen as crucial storage mediums
There is a vast amount on digital information stored on servers worldwide. But experts have questioned the longevity of the information as data formats change or servers stop to work. A columnist looks back in time to show how paper and print has been crucial to preserving important works of civilization: He argues that Leonardo da Vinci left more than 7000 notebook pages of drawings, thoughts, and ideas. They’re all on paper and are easy to access even after five centuries. He says that Leonardo’s notes are far easier to access than our emails, tweets, blog posts and Facebook pages will be five centuries from now.
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drupa 2016 will be a milestone for Bobst in its anniversary year
Bobst, a leading supplier of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers, will use drupa 2016 to showcase innovative solutions that will drive customer productivity higher, opening up new capabilities and protect customers’ global investments. Among the innovations that Bobst will showcase in its 125th year of existence will be a brand new Mastercut 106 PER, a new Masterfoil 106 PR hot-foil stamping press that incorporates Foil Unwinder+ and a new version of the M6 UV flexo press.
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Free guide provides insights into barcode printing technology
Coding and marking specialists Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE) has launched the first in a series of free interactive technical guides to allow companies to get the most out of printing and coding solutions. The ICE Barcode Guide describes the different types of codes available together with an explanation of coding terminology, and provides a brief overview of the barcodes and their uses, including a graphical explanation of how each barcode is structured.
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