Future Links March 31st 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature an increasing B2B demand for UPS’ 3D printing services, a new method for printed electronics, a revival of Good Magazine’s print edition, Blue Star’s acquisition of the POS Collective, tips for successful online marketing for printing businesses, Iggesund’s emission cuts and a British survey showing a clear preference for recycled plastic bottles.

UPS sees increasing 3D printing demand from business customers
When UPS started offering its 3D printing services, the company expected mainly orders from hobbyists and engineering students. But it realized that 90 % of orders come from small businesses that use the 3D printing service to make prototypes.
More at The Wall Street Journal

New method for printed electronics
Applications for printed electronics abound but in some cases, the technology is not quite ready yet. A new method developed at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, could bring printing technologies closer to fulfilling their promises. The process relies on a method of extruding molten thermoplastic simultaneously with a fiber so that the fiber is immediately encapsulated within the printed layer.
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Good magazine returns to print
Good magazine decided to go digital in 2013. Now, the quarterly reemerges as a print magazine with a different orientation. The website was also re-launched. The spring 2015 issue contains socially conscious content and large photographs connected by an overarching theme challenging readers to get out of their minds and into the world.
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Blue Star acquires POS Collective
To strengthen its point-of-sale service offerings, Blue Star is buying the Australian company POS Collective. Its services include digital interactive displays, print displays, creative services, print production, distribution and fulfillment as well as installations. The company’s clients include some big names including, IGA, Dick Smith, Canon, Calvin Klein, Bupa, Jack Daniels as well as several others.
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Different approaches are necessary for online success
Printing businesses have long distinguished themselves by having the best equipment or by being geographically close to the customer. The internet has changed all this. To be successful, printing businesses need to speak their customers’ language and ensure that they are easy to find on the web.
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Iggesund significantly reduces emissions
Iggesund Paperboard’s is one step closer to reaching its environmental goals: Its Swedish pulp and paperboard production facility, Iggesund Mill, reduced its fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 86 percent from 2013 to 2014. This reduction has been driven by the investment in a new recovery boiler at the site, which was completed in 2012.
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British public is in favor of recycled plastic bottles
The Resource Association, the trade association for the reprocessing and recycling industries, has released the results of a survey, showing clear public support for the use of recycled content in plastic bottles and legislation to require manufacturers to use recycled content. 68 % of adults supported an price increase for plastic milk bottles to support the recycling efforts.
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