Future Links March 6th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers Kornit’s plans for an IPO, Coca-Cola’s redesign of its European brands, managed print services for midsize businesses, futuristic 3D printed musical instruments, tips for the effective use of QR codes, a roadmap for printed electronics, ink manufacturers’ troubleshooting apps and trends that shape the packaging industry.

Kornit Digital files for a 115 million USD IPO
Textile printing is booming and Kornit, a digital printing equipment manufacturer based in Israel, is exhibiting fast growth. Now, the company is planning to go public and filed for an IPO with Nasdaq. The proposed maximum offering amount is 115 million USD, the company plans to list under the ticker KRNT.
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Coca-Cola plans redesign of its European brands
In an effort to unify the brand design, Coca-Cola is revamping the design for their European bottles and cans of the original, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla and the new lower calorie Coke Life. The packaging will also have a more detailed description of how the different drinks distinguish themselves.
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Growth of managed print services is driven by midsize companies
Midsize companies are the fastest growing segment in the managed print services (MPS) market, according to a study by market researcher Infotrends. The survey indicated that the market for MPS worldwide reached 25.5 billion USD in 2014.
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3D printed musical instrument are seen as revolutionary
We have seen 3D printed houses, bikes, toys, clothes, food and industrial equipment. Now, there is something new that could potentially revolutionize its field: 3D printed musical instruments. The instruments, including a 2-string violin and a didgeridoo, were developed by MONAD Studio, a design and research practice which focuses on spatial perception related to rhythmic affect.
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Tips for using QR codes effectively
QR codes have the potential to bridge the gap between printed products and the digital world. However, they have not always fulfilled their promise. A Digital Nirvana article shows how to avoid the most common pitfalls. More at Digital Nirvana

Great opportunities for organic and printed electronics
Organic and printed electronics are growing rapidly. But where are the main opportunities and what are major challenges that could impede growth? The Organic and Printed Electronics Industry Association published its newest roadmap providing insights and valuable details about the future development of the field.
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Ink manufacturers develop troubleshooting apps
Mistakes, including dot gain or pinholing, can be costly for printers. To get help as quickly as possible when problems arise, several ink manufacturers like the Flint Group, Sun Chemical and INX International Ink have developed online apps to provide help quickly and on location and thus keeping any extra costs due to errors to a minimum.
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Big data and push for local goods shape packaging industry
In an interview with Packaging Europe, Mike Richmond, VP of Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions at HAVI Global Solutions details his vision for the future of the packaging industry and explains how past innovations have changed the field. Among the trends that will influence the industry are big data and a push for local products.
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