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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the benefits of combining 3D printing and big data, businesses in the Middle East printing more, a recruitment firm searching 3D printing experts, insights into mergers and acquisitions in the print industry, new packaging for fresher vegetables, a modern inkjet printing facility in the Channel Islands and new on the drupa blog: Engineer develops 3D printer error detection system.

Combining 3D printing and big data yields impressive results
Big data and 3D printing are both shaping the technology environment in which many businesses operate. Combining the power of the two can yield unexpected returns. Examples include 3D printing and data visualization, which could be useful for traffic analysis or data inspection and quality assurance in manufacturing.
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Middle East businesses print more but do not track costs
Companies in the Middle East and Africa print more now than they did three years ago but are unaware of the costs, according to a new report by Canon. In a survey of 1,000 business decision makers and end-users, Canon found that 57 % printed more than they did three years ago and 59 % scan more. However, 42 % of respondents said they do not track costs or are unaware of whether costs are tracked.
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Recruitment firm launches 3D printing arm
As 3D printing becomes more common in manufacturing, healthcare, research and education, specialists are needed to fill the new roles associated with the technology. Birmingham recruitment business Alexander Daniels has launched a new division that will specialize in 3D printing. Alexander Daniels provides candidates for the finance, corporate governance, engineering, education and healthcare sectors. Its new venture, Alexander Daniels Global, is based in Barcelona.
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Are mergers and acquisitions in print marriages of convenience?
After a merger or an acquisition, the press statements often declare the joining of forces a perfect fit, a match made in heaven. But are mergers and acquisitions in the print industry really always a sign of perfect harmony? In an analytic article, Print Week author Max Goldbart talked to industry experts and provides unique and valuable insights into the issue.
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New packaging for fresher vegetables
Vegetables wither after harvest, especially if they have been precut or otherwise prepared for immediate consumption. Researchers at Michigan State University found a package and sanitizer combination that led to diced onions being acceptable for purchase after two weeks of storage. The researcher, Eva Almenar, is working on gas composition packaging and containers made from renewable resources and others from egg whites and whey protein isolate, byproducts from the egg and cheese food industry, respectively.
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Modern inkjet printing facility opens in the Channel Islands
KP Services (Jersey) Limited, a collaboration between Kodak and Guiton Group Limited, marked the grand opening of their new inkjet printing facility in Jersey, Channel Islands, at the end of last week. The new facility, managed by Alan Palin, general manager for KP Services Limited, is home to two Kodak Prosper 6000P Presses and four Hunkeler Combi-Solution Newspaper finishing lines and will print the Jersey Evening Post, as well as the majority of UK national newspapers for distribution in Jersey and Guernsey. KP Services Limited will print over 35,000 newspapers in total each day.
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New on the drupa blog: Engineer develops 3D printer error detection
Inspection and error detection is a common quality assurance feature in 2D printing. Several 3D printers also come with webcams and alert systems to notify the user if something has gone wrong. But most of the time, when the alarms go off, it is too late to fix the printed product. The Australian engineer Chris Barr now devised a way to detect common problems in 3D printing.
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