Future Links May 21st 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers conductive 3D printer filament, antenna printed right onto your shirt, magazine you read with your feet, printing food, ceramic or rubber on the way, Saxoprint enhancing commitment to sustainability, stretchable paper for unique 3D packages and innovative wash-off labels supporting recycling.

Researchers in Singapore create conductive 3D printer filament
3D printer filament printed as conductive traces could be the spark we need to eventually realize fully functioning 3D printed electronic devices. A group of researchers at A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore is getting a step closer. The scientists claim they have been able to create a filament that is incredibly robust and up to 1.000 times as conductive as common filaments.
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Next-gen antenna may be printed right onto your shirt
This week we already reported on a printed broadband antenna for mobile communications. Now, researchers printed antennas on paper and other materials to bring network links to many cheap devices. For this, the team used graphene, a sheet of carbon atoms linked into a lattice just one-atom thick.
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A magazine you read with your feet
Hansaplast is using an innovative magazine to promote its foot care products. The agency Being created Feet Mag, a luxury publication using heavy paper that can be easily turned with one’s feet and large print that you can enjoy from a distance.
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Print food, ceramic or rubber on the way
So far, most 3D printers have either been highly functional but bulky or simple and easy to carry. Now, 3D By Flow has put a 3D printer on Kickstarter that is both portable and designed for a wide variety of materials, using magnets for easy extruder swapability. The Focus printer will not only print food and PLA, but can print silicon, ceramic, rubber and more as well.
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Saxoprint enhances commitment to sustainability
Many say that the printing industry needs a mentality shift towards sustainability and this thought seems to catch on. Online printing company Saxoprint has now moved to enhance its commitment to the environment by expanding its range of sustainable products. Customers will have access to uncoated and recycled papers for jobs such as flyers, business cards and postcards.
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Stretchable paper creates unique 3D packages
The new FreeFormPack wants to enable brand owners to create rigid paper packages with a custom shape or texture in a cost-effective form-fill-seal process. The system runs at speeds from 50 to 100 packages per minute and can macro-form or micro-form the FibreForm paper into 3D patterns and designs. In addition, the packaging doesn’t need any heat to be formed and is biodegradable.
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Innovative wash-off labels support recycling
H.B. Fuller has launched a new water-based pressure sensitive adhesive named FulltakTM SE 8301. Formulated using proprietary polymer technology, it helps beverage producers efficiently remove PSA labels during the label wash-off process of returnable bottles.
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