Future Links May 29th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature details about the 3MF format consortium, laser-printed nanostructures, new packaging to reduce food waste, a compact 3D printer for professionals, price hikes for fine paper in Germany, technology trends affecting printing businesses, Hellaby’s sale of the packaging business to Coveris and growth opportunities in the flexible plastic packaging market.

Microsoft shares more details about the 3MF format
Microsoft revealed a new consortium named after the new XML-based data format they developed: 3MF. Founding members of the 3MF Consortium are: Dassault Systèmes S.A.; FIT AG/netfabb GmbH; Microsoft Corporation; HP; Shapeways, Inc.; SLM Solutions Group AG; and Autodesk Inc.
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Researchers develop laser-printed nanostructures
Researcher from the University of Science and Technology of China and Swinburne University of Technology developed a way to laser-print nanostructures that is cost efficient and has many potential applications in the field of chemistry, biomedicine and micro-fluidic engineering. The researchers published their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
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New packaging concept aims at reducing food waste
Food waste is one of the biggest challenges going forward into a world where more people will have to share the available food. Resource-efficient packaging solutions that work throughout the value chain, from food and packaging producer to consumer, will contribute towards a reduction in wasted resources.
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Zortrax releases compact 3D printer for professionals
After the success of the M200, the Polish printer manufacturer Zortrax is introducing its newest printer named Inventure. Inventure’s features include soluble support materials that allow users to print movable models and complex objects without having to deal with manual post-processing. Material is removed using a special solution that dissolves the supports within hours.
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Fine paper manufacturers plan price increases in Germany
With manufacturing costs rising and mark-ups failing to keep pace, several producers of wood-free coated and uncoated paper are trying to increase prices in Germany. Wood-free coated paper producers said that they had gradually contacted their buyers about a planned price hike.
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How printing businesses get ready for the future
Technologies such as mobile, video and the cloud affecting the whole economy, including printing businesses. An article looks at what challenges these developments bring and how printing businesses can profit from them.
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Hellaby sells packaging business to Coveris
Investment company Hellaby Holdings Limited (‘Hellaby’) announced that it has divested its packaging division to Coveris, one of the world’s largest plastics packaging and coatings companies. The purchase price was more than 20 million USD according to media reports.
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Growth opportunities in the flexible plastic packaging market
Analysts see growth potential in the flexible (convertible) plastic packaging market. market has grown faster than expected in recent years and this is mostly due to general economic conditions improving worldwide. A Reportlinker industry report provides an overview over the recent developments in different business segments and geographical regions and forecasts trends until 2025.
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