Future Links May 6th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the partnership between Pinshape and 3D printer OS, Videojet’s color-changing inks, filament made from car dashboards, a 3D printed bulletproof vest, NPIRI summer courses, new proofing solutions from AVT and Global Vision and consumers’ preference for printed catalogues.

Pinshape announced partnership with 3D printer OS
To allow cloud-based streaming for 3D designs, Pinshape, a 3D printing marketplace, announced a partnership with 3D printer OS, which was developed by 3D Control Systems.
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Videojet launches new color-changing inks
Videojet, a leading company for coding, marking and printing solutions, announced its latest ink innovations, V476 and V521, for use with its 1000 Line of Continuous Inkjet printers. Codes produced with these new inks are designed to provide a noticeable color change from dark red to light red when exposed to heat and moisture during the retort process.
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Filament made from car dashboards and PET bottles
Sustainable filaments have become a big topic in 3D printing and the Dutch start-up refill is ready to make a contribution. Its spools containing black filament are recycled from car interiors while the translucent ones are up to 90 % recycled from plastic containers.
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Designer develops 3D printed bulletproof vest
London-based industrial designer Oluwaseyi Sosanya developed a 3D Weaver last year, a machine capable of making very durable 3D structures by combining weaving with 3D printing. While he originally used the machine to make very fashionable shoes, he is currently investigating possibilities for creating lightweight bulletproof and knife proof clothing with it.
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Learn from the experts at NPIRI summer courses
The National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers is offering summer courses taught by industry experts. Attendees will learn a wide range of topics, such as where, how and why raw materials are used. The classes focus on inkjet, flexo and gravure ink composition, paper properties and printability among other topics.
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AVT and Global Vision join forces
AVT, manufacturer of systems for print inspection, print process control, and quality assurance, is joining forces with proofing solutions provider Global Vision to offer advanced offline inspection solutions.
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Consumers favor catalogues for buying decisions
No wonder printed catalogues have experienced a come-back in recent months: A survey of about 52,000 consumers in Australia conducted by Morgan Research found that almost half of consumers say printed catalogues are the best source of information on buying groceries – two and a half times more than favor the internet. Catalogues are also considered the most useful media for buying clothes, toys, alcohol and cosmetics.
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