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Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature a 3D food printer creating intricate dishes, HP’s new latex printers, MakerBots 3D printer on Time’s list of influential gadgets, high growth prospects for water-based UV curable inks, EOS new technology center in the U.S., the benefits of customized packaging for restaurants and new on the drupa blog: Why Siegwerk’s new LED UV ink is a big deal.

3D food printer creates intricate dishes
An article in The New Yorker describes how a prototype ChefJet Pro, one of the first powder-based 3D printers for food, helps chefs at the Culinary Institute of America create novel dishes that could not be made by hand, such as a replica of the Eifel Tower. The printer is a modified 3D printer that was originally designed to print plastic and the printhead is a model that is normally used for 2D printing on paper.
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MakerBot 3D printer makes Time list of most influential gadgets
Technology has the ability to changes lives and Time has put together a list of gadgets that have had the greatest impact of all time, ordered by influence. The list that features time-tested equipment such as the HP Deskjet and novelties like the Fitbit also lists the MakerBot Replicator. The Replicator helped bring 3-D printing into the mainstream and is a fixture of many American classrooms, writes Time.
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UV curable inks show greatest growth prospects
As digital inkjet printing is growing, there are certain types of inks that see increasing demand. Depending on the requirements for specific jobs, solvent-based, water-based and UV or UV LED curable inkjet inks offer particular benefits. According to an article on Ink World Magazine’s website, UV curable, water-based inkjet inks are showing the strongest growth.
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German 3D printing company EOS expands in the U.S.
Germany-based 3D printing technology company EOS is expanding its reach in North America with a Pflugerville facility, bringing jobs and startup opportunities to the area. Andrew Snow, senior vice president for EOS of North America, said EOS has another technology center in Michigan, and a few employees have moved from that office to the Pflugerville facility.
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The benefits of customized packaging for restaurant deliveries
Food-delivery options are increasingly popular and restaurants find that off-the-shelf packaging is often a suboptimal solution. The packaging has to reflect the brand, maintain the quality of the food and make transport safe and easy. It should also make recycling relatively easy for the end user. Customized packaging that has been tested can provide better results in these regards than mass-market options.
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New on the drupa blog: Why Siegwerk’s new LED UV ink is a big deal
Siegwerk is now the first company in the market to offer LED UV printing inks for food and pharmaceutical packaging. Because the requirements for the food and pharmaceutical industries regarding safety and efficiency are very high, Siegwerk’s new ink is considered a real breakthrough.
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