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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers a new algorithm for 3D printed personalized medication, print jobs at risk, an EU investigation into the safety of food packaging, LUXeXcel and Optis teaming up, Oreo’s customized packages, Nestlé’s efforts to reduce chocolate packaging and Sun Chemical’s new nanosilver inks.

New algorithm for personalized 3D printed medication
Scientists from Wake Forest University, Columbia University and the University of North Carolina created a prototype computer algorithm for personalized medication. The algorithm takes a number of personal characteristics into account, including weight, age, kidney and liver function. The customized 3D printed medication might be more effective and less likely to cause side effects, the researchers said. More work is needed, however, before the medication becomes widely available.
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EU investigates safety of food packaging
The EU has started an investigation into a number of issues related to chemicals and additives in food packaging. While there is regulation in place, there are some gaps and standards are not always strictly enforced. After several organizations voiced their concern, the EU will now look into the topics, which include a lack of harmonized EU laws covering chemicals in many food contact materials, including paper, card, ink, coatings and glues and continued use of hormone disrupting chemicals in food contact materials.
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LUXeXcel and Optis team up for improved 3D printed optics
LUXeXcel, a company in the Netherlands that provides 3D printing service for fully transparent and optically functional products, is cooperating with the French company Optis. Together, they will provide a combination of software and 3D printing that allows users to virtually design a lens in the Optis CAD software, and then 3D print their design with LUXeXceL’s Printoptical Technology.
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Oreo lets customers design their own packaging for Christmas
Oreo-maker Mondelez is letting shoppers design custom packages of the sandwich cookies on a new website. Customers can choose from two designs, one each from graphic artists Jeremyville and Timothy Goodman. Each features cartoonish seasonal images, including Santa, snowmen and ornaments. The personalization comes at a price: A bag of cookies costs 10 USD plus 5 USD for shipping.
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Nestlé conducts experiments to reduce packaging
Packaging has many roles to play but one is to protect the products inside. In an effort to reduce packaging, Nestlé is now conducting experiments in which 700 bars of chocolate are placed side-by-side in a sealed room in a Swiss laboratory wrapped in transparent packaging. They are attached to sensors and exposed to light for 24 hours a day. The packaging materials have different properties; some have higher and some lower oxygen barriers.
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Sun Chemical offers nanosilver ink for industrial inkjet systems
Sun Chemical has launched EMD5800, its newest nanosilver ink designed for use with industry leading inkjet systems. With EMD5800 inks, it now becomes possible to work with one nanosilver from prototype to production, according to the company. The ink is compatible with most commercial and industrial printheads.
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