Future Links November 10th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers new opportunities for inkjet printers in the glass print market, a forecast for the 3D printing industry, a new process for metal printing at home, a series of cloud-connected business printers, brand-name consumer companies at a Printed Electronics event, a positive financial performance outlook for the packaging industry, the top 10 3D printers and new opportunities for Evlon after a price decrease.

Inkjets enter glass print market
Printing on glass was one of the last markets exclusively served by screen printers. This is about to change: New inkjet printers are capable of printing on glass at lower cost, says wide format printing manufacturer Durst who introduced the Rho Vetrocer glass printer at the Glasstec 2014 last month.
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3D printing industry could reach 13 billion USD in 2018
After 3 decades in obscurity, 3D printing has hit the spotlight as one of the hottest technologies around. Market researcher Gartner forecasts that worldwide spending on 3D printing will rise from 1.6 billion USD in 2015 to around 13 billion USD in 2018.
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New process lets consumers print metal
So far, 3D printing at home has been largely limited to plastic gadgets. This could change soon: A new process, called Selective Inhibition Sintering (SIS), allows metal part printing in machines priced under 5000 USD.
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Brother introduces cloud-connected business printers
Brother has launched a new line of multifunction business inkjet printers. This is the first time the company offers inkjet printers. The printers are aimed at small and medium size businesses and are capable of mobile printing and printing A3 format.
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Adidas, Samsung will attend printed electronics event
Adidas, Samsung and other brand-name companies are interested in new developments in printed electronics, especially for wearable computers and other consumer gadgets. These companies as well as Jaguar, Land Rover and many others will attend the Printed Electronics USA event on November 19-20 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
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Financial performance expected to be strong for the packaging sector
Demand for corrugated carton remains strong and has boosted the financial performance of several European packaging companies. The Telegraph shares a market forecast for companies in the industry.
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Make Magazine selects top 10 3D printers
The 3D printing business is exploding and new printers are hitting the market almost every month. To help buyers decide which product is best for their needs and their wallets, Make Magazine selected the top 10 3D printers in categories such as “Rookie of the Year”, “Smart Software Integration” and “Best in Shootout”.
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A decrease in price could spell opportunity for Evlon
Evlon biodegradable plastic film made from corn has been around for a decade. Even though demand for environmentally friendly packaging has been increasing, the market for Evlon film has been growing slower than expected, mainly because the film was 30-40 more expensive than comparable petroleum-based products. Now that prices for Evlon have come down, the demand is expected to accelerate.
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