Future Links November 14th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers funding for 3D printing business ideas, Essentra’s largest acquisition to date, RepRap’s 3D Print Box, raw materials pricing expectations for the ink market, a case study about environmentally friendly chocolate packaging, Australia’s Paper and Print campaign and Heidelberg’s restructuring efforts.

Get your good idea funded
The Future Internet Business Acceleration Program for 3D Printing Services wants to hear about your great 3D printing business idea. FABulous has a designated budget of 5.4 million Euros for European SMEs and entrepreneurs who are involved in 3D printing. The call is open until December 18, 2014.
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Essentra is about to make its largest acquisition to date
Essentra has signed an agreement to acquire Clondalkin Group’s Specialist Packaging Division (Clondalkin SPD). The company wants to enhance its existing geographic presence in healthcare packaging and exploit both existing and new growth opportunities. The deal, for a cash consideration of approximately 455 million USD, is expected to complete in the first quarter of 2015.
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RepRap introduces 3D Print Box
The German manufacturer RepRap aims at connecting all kinds of 3D printers with USB interfaces to Ethernet and Wifi networks. The integrated storage device in the 3DPrintBox also allows printing of models without any direct computer connection. The 3D Print Box is expected to cost 149 Euros.
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Ink market outlook: Price volatility for raw materials may continue
While raw material prices have stabilized at a higher level during the most part of the year, industry experts fear that volatility is on the rise again going into 2015. Raw materials from a single source are a special cause for concern.
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Case study: Environmentally friendly chocolate packaging
Who says you can’t have it all? Vegan chocolate in a luxurious box made of environmentally friendly materials that actually enhances the smell of chocolate? Sounds too good to be true? A recent case study in Packaging World shows how Los Angeles-based chocolate maker Hnina achieved just that.
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Australian Value of Paper and Print campaign kicks off
The industry’s campaign aims at helping printers promote their channel to customers and nay-sayers, providing knowledge and resources to prove that the printed product is a critical part of a multi-channel marketing mix. The campaign will travel all over Australia and roadshow attendees will receive copies of The Industry Report, a 72-page toolkit that printers can use to educate their clients about the success and relevance of print.
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Heidelberg realigns portfolio
Heidelberg acquired two companies in consumables and software, the Belgian Blueprint Products and the German Neo7even, but didn’t disclose the details of the deals. The restructuring that has been underway at Heidelberg is not fully completed and further acquisitions may be in the cards.
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