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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the evolution of smart packaging, Xerox’ new tools for mobile workers, 3D printed fabric with integrated microorganisms, Microscan’s full suite of barcode and print quality verification tools, the costs and benefits of seasonal packaging, PrintWithMe’s printers in cafés and workspaces and Bertelsmann’s print powerhouse resulting from a merger of its print operations.

Smart packaging with electronic components is constantly evolving
The smart packaging market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 15 % through 2019. As the market size increases, the technology evolves and presents new thin and flexible interactive packaging solutions. Technology providers have to adjust to meet the new requirements of low-cost, thin and flexible electronic packaging.
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Xerox introduces five new tools for mobile workers
Once an employee is out of the office visiting a customer or attending an offsite meeting, it is often difficult to integrate the work remotely into the usual workflow. Xerox is introducing five new tools that will let users send their documents securely from mobile devices to their coworkers in the cloud and print to any printer connected to the network.
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3D printed fabric uses microorganisms to adjust for heat and humidity
This truly sounds like science fiction: A bioprinted shirt that will open its pores as you sweat. Sports clothing manufacturer New Balance and several fashion designers from the Royal College of Arts have teamed up with bioLogic to create a collection of activewear that will shift and alter its shape based on the activity of the wearer. The shifting fabric vents are the result of the natto cells, microorganisms that are extremely sensitive to humidity and head. The cells have been incorporated into the spandex material.
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Microscan offers full suite of barcode and print quality verification tools
Especially with pharmaceutical packaging, print and barcode accuracy are key for regulatory compliance. After its acquisition of verification systems innovator Label Vision Systems (LVS), Microscan Systems, Inc. adds a full suite of all-in-one barcode and print quality verification products to its line of industrial automation solutions.
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PrintWithMe brings printers to coffee shops and workspaces
It’s a common complaint: The agenda has been updated in a coffee shop minutes before the meeting with the client to incorporate the latest development but now there is no printer available to print the handouts. That happened to Jonathan Treble more than once so that he decided to start the company PrintWithMe. PrintWithMe is putting printers in coffee shops, coworking spaces and other places where customers might express demand for a printer. Users can access the printer through cloud-based technology that encrypts and later deletes the document.
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Bertelsmann will merge all its print operations
Bertelsmann is creating Europe’s biggest printing group by merging all its operations. The new Bertelsmann Printing Group will officially take up operations on January 1, 2016. The division with a total of 1.7 billion Euros in revenue consists of Be Printers and the print operations of Arvato including Mohn Media. Its operations across Europe and the U.S. span gravure, web offset and book printing as well as mailing.
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