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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers 3D printed satellite antenna support structures, Zortrax efforts to make 3D printing accessible, a start-up that prints organs before surgery, intelligent packaging that monitors patients’ compliance, ways to integrate managed print services into the workflow, HP’s new labels and packaging press and a forecast for the smart packaging market.

Largest European-made 3D printed parts will fly into space
Two Korean satellites will be launched into orbit and they will contain 3D printed metal components. What’s special about this is that the parts will be the largest 3D printed components made in Europe. They were developed by Thales Alenia Space, an aerospace manufacturer that started as a joint venture between French and Italian companies. The satellites will include a large antenna support structure that was 3D printed in aluminum.
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Zortrax provides 180 public institutions in Poland with 3D printers
In an effort to level the playing field and give equal opportunity to as many people as possible, 3D printing manufacturer Zortrax is providing 180 public institutions in Poland with its M200 3D printers. To make the technology accessible, the company also provides free courses, software and materials.
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Start-up 3D prints patients’ organs before surgery
The theoretical uses and benefits of 3D printing in the medical field have been discussed in great depth. But now, there is a start-up that has contracted with health-care provider Erlanger to print patients’ organs before surgery. The start-up, 3D Ops, hopes to launch a nationwide network of 3D printing centers serving hundreds of hospitals.
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Intelligent packaging monitors patients’ compliance
Millions of prescriptions are filled each day but not all patients take their medications as prescribed by their doctors. The Palladio Group and E Ink developed a packaging solution that not only monitors the conditions in which the medication is stored but can also record all accesses to the package providing a time log when the medication was taken by the patient. This vital information can be recalled, analyzed and shared with practitioners.
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Five ways to integrate managed print services into the workflow
Many enterprises turn to managed print services (MPS) to save costs and increase productivity. A recent Quocirca MPS study revealed 77 percent of those using MPS believed their organizations were effective or very effective compared to 56 % of those not using MPS. The article shows 5 ways to integrate MPS into a company’s overall digitization strategy.
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HP launches new labels and packaging press
The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press boasts new features that include a color automation package, a new digital color matching solution that uses the press’s inline spectrophotometer, and new HP Indigo labels and packaging print server capabilities powered by Esko. HP says its new labels and packaging solutions, aimed at mass customization, will allow printers to capitalize on the growing digital market.
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Smart packaging market to reach more than 30 billion USD this year
The market for smart packaging is growing. According to a report by market researcher vision gain, the smart packaging market with its segments food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care will reach 30.7 billion USD in 2015. The report analyzes the most important trends and predicts growth rates for the market for the next decade.
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