Future Links October 14th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature MOO’s NFC enabled business cards, print advertising for ecommerce, a new mobile industrial 3D printer that can print houses, three ways to avoid customer crises, Canon’s entry into the 3D printing market, a forecast for the global green packaging market and Loyds Banking’s printing contract.

MOO offers NFC enabled business cards
The online design and print company MOO is introducing near-field communication enabled business cards. The business cards + with an embedded NFC chip allow users to provide additional information – like a website, an online shop or downloadable app. The paper + platform lets users choose the action they want the NFC chip to perform. The information is displayed when the business card is placed next to a smartphone, no extra app is required.
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Flipcard, Amazon and Snapdeal turn to print ads in India
In campaigns that indicate a shift in advertising strategies, India’s top ecommerce companies Flipcard, Amazon and Snapdeal have placed full-page jacket advertisements in many prominent to announce their mega sales.
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New mobile industrial 3D printer can print houses
It is small enough to fit in the back of a truck and powerful enough to print an entire building within 24 hours. At least that’s what the creator, Russian engineer Nikita Chen-yun-tai says about his Apis Cor 3D printer. The printer weighs 2.5 tons, measures 16.4 ft by 5 ft. and can be assembled within 30 minutes.
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Three ways to avoid customer crises
From her own experience, Deborah Corn shares her insights how printers and service providers can help customers who experience a crisis. They tips include “don’t go off the radar”, “don’t assume” and “don’t act like it’s no big deal”.
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Canon enters 3D printing market with resin-based technology
Canon Europe has announced its entry to the 3D printing market with its first 3D printer that was developed entirely in-house. The resin-based lamination system is said to be ideal for both rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing, and faster and more precise than competing systems. In addition to the 3D printer itself, Canon has developed 3D Integrated Software designed to seamlessly integrate multiple 3D scanners, 3D printers and other devices, and to easily handle multiple formats of 3D data.
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The global green packaging market shows rapid growth
Green packaging is more than just a fad. According to a new study by Research and Markets, the global green packaging market is estimated at 212.1 billion USD in 2015 and is projected to reach 274.15 billion USD by the end of 2020. The degradable packaging market is growing at a highest rate.
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Loyds Banking Group reviews marketing print services
The banking group’s printing demands are large, reaching about 100 million printed items a year. After Xerox had fulfilled the contract in the past five years, Loyds Banking Group is reviewing the contract and asking for new bids. Xerox has been invited to re-pitch.
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