Future Links October 15th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers P&G’s new environmental packaging goals, investors’ interest in academic publishing platforms, how packaging companies benefit from 3D printing, the new printing practice of 42 Technology, ways to speed up print advertising workflow, NovaCopy’s new 3Dprint university and Wipro’s printed skull.

P&G with more ambitious water and packaging goals
When P&G announced its new environmental goals, the company says between 2002 and 2012 it reduced water use at its manufacturing plants by more than 70 percent per unit of production. It aims to ensure that 90 percent of its packaging is recyclable and that programs are in place to create this ability by 2020.
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Academic journals attract investors
While printed scholarly journals are not known for their moneymaking potential, yet academic digital content-sharing platforms have recently attracted the attention of investors. One example is the recent acquisition of a majority interest in HighWire Press by Accel-KKR. HighWire provides an open electronic platform for universities and other publishers of scholarly journals to develop and host their academic journals.
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How packaging companies benefit from 3D printing
Packaging engineers are working on solutions that integrate 3D printing into their manufacturing operations. Machinery repair, scale modeling and design verification are three of the most promising areas.
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42 Technology starts printing practice
The Product design and development consultancy 42 Technology has started its own printing practice to provide a wider range of services for its clients. It’s services focus on new technologies as well as on less-common substrates such as ceramics.
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4 steps to speed up the print advertising workflow
The traditional processes with checks and sign-offs have proven their worth. However, sometimes, there is just not enough time available. Fast-track workflows aim to streamline the process by cutting down the number of steps involved, usually by bypassing some of the usual approval steps.
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NovaCopy launches 3D printing university
The Nashville-based company started investing in 3D technology about three years ago. While orders from manufacturing companies have reached an annually revenue of about 3 million USD according to industry sources, orders from the general public are still slow. To encourage people to learn about the new technology and to give them the necessary skills to make their own products, NovaCopy is launching a 3D university on October 22, 2014.
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Medical emergency inspired Wipro to print a skull
The customers of the Indian 3D printing company Wipro are in the aerospace, defense and healthcare segments. Yet when a doctor called asking Wipro to print a skull for emergency surgery the executives didn’t hesitate. A team of specialists manufactured a skull made of titanium within hours.
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