Future Links October 17th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the winners of the Pentawards, the close partnership between Optimus and VPress, the new Indonesian forest certification, the Chinese government’s investment in 3D printing, Kiian Digitals new bright ink colors, photos printed in 3D, and a petition to ban perchlorate and PFCs in food packaging.

Pentawards 2014 packaging design winners announced
The creators of Evian water bottles and Beatific flasks are among the packaging design winners of this year’s Pentawards. The Pentawards recognize designs originating from all markets, from mass-market to luxury, in five categories.
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Optimus and VPress announce close partnership
Optimus and Vpress have partnered to launch a fully integrated workflow. The cooperation integrates Vpress’s Coreprint web-to-print software and Optimus’s Dash MIS in a tight integration that cuts out manual processes and brings greater efficiency.
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Indonesian sustainable forest certification passes benchmark
After an extensive assessment, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) has announced that it officially supports the Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation’s (IFCC) latest Sustainable Forest Certification management scheme. In the past, Indonesia has come under strong criticism for its environmentally damaging practices.
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Chinese government pledges large investments in 3D printing
To support the growing additive manufacturing capabilities in China, the government announced that it is investing 245 million USD in 3D printing in a 7-year project. China is also providing financial support to the Asian Manufacturing Association, which plans to establish 10 innovation institutes to promote additive technology in manufacturing.
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Kiian Digital unveils new vivid ink colors
Bright pink, yellow and green are the new colors that Kiian Digital will add to its range of sublimation inks. The new fast-drying colors fulfill the requirements for the growing segment of fashionable sportswear.
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3D printer recreates old memories
Lola, a creative agency based in Spain, has created a 3D printing process for the visually impaired that recreates old photographs so that the information is conveyed through the sense of touch. The process uses Lola’s Pirate Printer. The creators wanted to find an application that would provide a real benefit for those who have it at home.
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Health advocates seek a ban on certain chemicals in food packaging
Nine consumer and environmental health groups petitioned the Food and Drug Administration this week seeking a ban on the use of certain chemicals in food packaging. The petitions target perchlorate and a family of chemicals known as long-chain perfluorocarboxylates (PFCs) that keep grease out of paper and paperboard, such as pizza boxes and sandwich wrappers.
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